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It’s a bird, it’s a plane….

It’s flying pigs! No really…look out your window. I have officially joined the world of bloggers after years of saying “I would never”. When will I learn never to say never…apparently never! So if you’ve ever told your kids “you can stay out until 2 a.m. when pigs fly” it’s time to kiss your the little ones goodbye and get ready for a long night because the little piggly wigglies have taken flight.

So I know your just dying to know why I started blogging…no…well I will tell you anyways…scrapping. Bet you thought it was going to be some long drawn out explanation but nope, the simple answer is scrapping. I want one place that is mine all mineĀ  to blab on and on about my favorite hobby (read: obsession) and a place to show off my handmade creations. Sounds kind of egotistical right…well I guess it kind of is. Oh well…add that to my little list of faults.

So now that we’ve established this is all about me, me, me…you should know a few things about me and my writing style…after all you will be reading all my dribble (read: fascinating tidbits) ..first of all I like dots… see… somewhere I picked up the habit of using them in place of commas. Weird trait but something you should be aware of. I also like to use (read: ) alot…again another quirky writing trait. Oh and one last word of warning and this is a biggie…I tend to babble… if your looking for a blog with nice succinct posts, this ain’t it.

Want to know about my blog content? Well to repeat…it will be me, me, me. My scrapping. My work. My friends. My daily happenings. But that’s not all …after all I am really not that exciting. I am hoping to have guests to entertain you, challenges for you to try, links to other really cool stuff I want to share, an occasional contest, tips, techniques and lots of other fun stuff. Hopefully I can come up with enough to keep you all mildly entertained.

To get this blog kicked off right I have a very cool project to share with you all…but you’ll have to wait just a bit longer…need to get my camera to talk to my computer again (they had a mild tiff last night) so I can get the pictures on here for you all. So check back later. How’s that for a tease…oh well you know what they say…always leave them wanting more!

Oh and once last thing to share, if your going out today, you might want to grab an umbrella…flying pigs can really make a big mess ;).

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