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Wanna know what I can do?

I can take off my jeans without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Cool ..huh! No I’m not Houdini and no I don’t work in a business that requires me to take off my clothes quickly. I can do this amazing (yes  I think it’s AMAZING) feat because ….I HAVE LOST 25 POUNDS (that so deserved all caps). So hands up in the air ladies and give me  a woot-woot! I’ve been eating better and exercising since the first of the year. I’ve swapped my double stuff for chocolate rice cakes (which by the way are super yummy) and I’m eating enough veggies to make the bunny in my yard jealous. It’s taken longer than I thought but I finally made it to by first big number. When I first started dieting at the first of the year I was losing weight so fast I thought I would be a size 6 by now. Then BAM…I hit that brick wall of dieting commonly known as a plateau…which by the way in Latin is Dietus Haltus…it was so majorly aggravating…what worked for 6 weeks for some mysterious reason stopped working at all. UGH! Finally made it past what is sure to be the first of many plateaus and started to lose again…much slower than originally planned but hey as long as the numbers are going down that’s all that matters. Truth be told they probably would’ve gone down a little faster if not for a few slips here and there…nothing big…an occasional double stuff….a few cocktails when I went out…skipped the treadmill on a few occasions…oh well life can’t be all celery sticks and fiber bars. On the plus side after every slip (and the expected self imposed guilt) I got right back to it. And now after all that huffing and puffing on the treadmill and gnawing on carrots I have finally hit my first big number…25…sigh…love that number.

Onto the next 25 (funny how that number sounded better a second ago).

Here’s a layout I did to celebrate my big achievement…

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