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Dear Inspiration….

thanks for the fabulous ideas for my latest layouts….but…(and this is where I look the gift horse in the mouth) …could you please come a little earlier than one day before a page call. I would so appreciate it. I bet my boss would too…seeing it’s Monday and all and instead of coming in rested from the weekend…I’m like a zombie…and not one of those fun ones who can dance like in the Thriller video…more like the drooling, gruesome ones from Dawn of the Dead. Thank you.

Seriously…I guess I should be thankful inspiration came at all..I wasn’t even going to bother with this page call ..for layouts about grandparents…there were several calls posted last week and this one was on the bottom of my list. I actually intended to try another one…for a layout using plastic and pen…it sounded like a fun challenge…but after 3 days I had nothing so I decided to pass.  Fast forward to yesterday (can you even do that?) …I’m sitting with my family watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade sucking down a Jello shot and I look over at my step-father and his camera and just like that I get this rush of creative ideas. Not sure if Jello is some sort of brainfood or maybe it was the vodka…or maybe it’s a chemical reaction of both…or maybe it was the fumes from all the green hairspray everyone was wearing…but man the creative juices just started flowing. Of course the downfall of this scrapping brainstorm is I still had about 2 hours of parade left and a dinner to attend after. Add to that the small issue of not even having any pictures yet. So I took out my camera and snapped some pics of him with his and watched the rest of the parade.

As soon as the parade was over I made a beeline to my house to upload pictures and get them ordered. Then it was off to dinner…I was like a kid at church…I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I know bad right. Luckily my son had a ton of homework so we had to leave early anyways…I swear it’s true.

Finally get home with pics in hand (thank goodness for Walgreens) and even as tired as I was from the day I was determined to at least get one of my ideas on paper. Four hours later I finally finished. UGH! Of course now I’m tired and on a scrappy high (a very dangerous combination) so being the glutton for punishment that I am…I gave layout #2 a go. Luckily the scrap gods took pity on me in the wee hours of the morning and I was able to finish the second layout really quickly. Still had to take pics and submit them so that was another hour. By now my eyes are screaming for sleep…I don’t know why …it was only 2 a.m. It was worth it though…got 2 pages done about my mom and step-father that I probably wouldn’t have done so it’s all good and I got them submitted in time. Now I just have to count down the hours until I can go home and take a nap.

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