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Seeing Double

Nope I’m not least not yet…it’s still early after all.. and no I don’t need glasses…well actually I probably do but I will never get them…I’ll suffer in silence.  I’m seeing double because I’m doing this super fun kit swap / scrap challenge.  I am hosting the swap on ClubCK right now and I’m also swapping on the side with my bloggy friend, Renee Lamb. The idea is based on the 4 product challenge in Creating Keepsakes magazine…a bunch of scrappers are swapping identical kits …once the kits reach our swap buddies, we’re each going to scrap a layout using our kit and see what we come up with. Doesn’t that sound too fun! Here’s where the doubles part comes in…instead of going out and buying 2 of everything to swap, each participant is making kits from doubles in her already existing stash. Cool, right! So on top of getting a cool new kit to scrap with, we each get to a little purging at the same time. I already started purging my stash and making my kits and OMG do I have a lot of doubles…I seriously feel like frickin Noah right now.  I guess my stash lives by the motto “double your pleasure, double your fun”.  I  had no idea how much stuff I buy that comes with more than one of the same thing. And yes…there is a small percentage of stuff that are things I bought and then realized I already owned…but hey who can keep track of every single goody they own. Anyways I’ve already made 3 kits and I bet I could easily make another 20 kits and barely dent my stash. And let me tell you these aren’t kits made with random remnants from my basket o’crap to put away…these are stellar kits….just look at the pics of what I put together so far. Awesome, right?  Mine will be going postal in a day or two…can’t wait until I receive mine. Once we get them and get our scrap on, Renee and I will be posting the final results on our blogs…so stay tuned.

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