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Truly, madly, deeply…

in love. That’s right…like a teenager with her first crush…I am in love…with my new lightbulbs. Yes I said lightbulbs…18 W compact daylight energy efficient lightbulbs to be exact. This is no joke…this is serious, head over heels, never to be parted again love.  What is so special about a lightbulb that I would profess such undying devotion you may ask…well thanks to these fabulous light bulbs…I can actually SEE now. As I’ve mentioned before…I’m just ever so slightly above the 40 year old mark..I don’t feel a day over 30 and I act like I’m 12…but my eyes …well my eyes are 40 going on 60….and even though I have a total of 6 light fixtures in my scraproom…including an ottlight and an overhead fixture with  6 lightbulbs…I am still squinting constantly. It’s pathetic. Truly pathetic. Mr. Magoo has better eyesight than me. But thanks to my new found love…my lighting issues will be no more! I found this glorious little slice of heaven last week thanks to an electrician who came to our offices to replace some fixtures…when he was done he put in some new light bulbs. I was literally stunned with how bright they were…just 2 little bulbs and the whole room was 5 times brighter. So of course I had to ask about them and of course once I knew what they were I couldn’t wait to get to the store to find one of my own. Finally got to the store and after some searching was able to find one…there it was …like a stud amongst a sea of duds…my new found love. Of course not wanting to rush into things…I bought just the one…turns out they are a little pricy. As soon as I got it home I immediately removed one of my lackluster soft white 40 watt bulbs …didn’t even wait for the darn thing to cool down ..and I replaced it with my new funny looking twisty bulb and flicked the switch and just like that…bliss.  Even with just one new bulb my room was so much brighter. I was officially hooked…so like a junkie…I wanted more. Imagine how giddy I was when I went in search of another score and found out that they are now on sale for half off and I had a coupon…it was like it was meant to be. So now I have replaced a total of 4 bulbs in my overhead fixture and my room is a bright new glorious squint-free workspace…which apparently…according to my kids…can be seen from the end of the street.

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12 hours of yapping and scrapping

that is what I did Saturday. What an awesome time we had at our crop. Spent the better portion of the first couple hours yapping and trying to scrap and getting ridiculed by my “friends” for still working on the same LO for 4 hours…stop laughing…you can’t rush art. Hmmph! Finally got past the marathon LO and wisked through the next 3 in record time. Yep only took me 9 hours to do 3 more…pretty impressive huh! In my defense part of those 9 hours was spent stuffing my face…don’t worry diet monitors…I behaved…even though my evil “friends” Lori and Jingle brought yummy looking chocolate desserts. I brought salad in an oreo ice cream container and stuffed myself with that…tasted nothing like oreos. 😦  Besides the non-oreo tasting salad, I enjoyed some super yummy turkey chili that my bud Melissa made for lunch and some turkey meatballs for dinner…it was so not a good day to be a turkey. Besides the yapping and scrapping and face stuffing, I got some shopping in…I was finally able to beat my friend Cheryl to all the good stuff. Whenever we shop together she always shows me stuff and then says isn’t this cute…then I say yes… and she says…it’s the last one…it’s quite the evil game…and it’s only really fun for her.

Had some interesting tablemates…my old pal Kerry…or should I say my “young” pal…byatch..the little evil child had fun taunting me about how many years it would be until she was my age…again …I repeat…byatch. Lucky me I got to sit next to her all day. I had to remind her that I may be ever so slightly over the age of 40 but I could still kick her under 30 ass. Oooh Rah! Sitting next to her did have some plusses…the little techy brought her laptop so I got to see SCAL in action…too cool. May have to add that to the “someday I will buy it” list. I also got to sit with the uber creative Jennifer…no not me…the one the only Jingle…that Jennifer…BTW there were 4 Jennifers in a room of 13 people..totally confusing …anyways…back to Mrs. Jingle…this girl has some serious creative skills…she made some super beautiful cards…too bad her mad skills don’t carry over to packing…the girl seriously lacks in that department…although it made for some great entertainment watching her trying to find anything in her bag o’ stuff.  Our other tablemate was my friend Stacy…who apparently came to a crop with 12 other people for a “little alone time”…she built a wall of scrap stuff around her and proceeded to crank out layout after layout…if that weren’t odd enough…she didn’t even SHOP! Gasp. All that pretty stuff and she didn’t buy a thing! Can you believe it …a scrapper who scraps more than she talks or shops…it was like sitting with Big Foot…just hard to believe they exist. All in all we had a great time and a lot of chuckles…mostly totally juvenile and mostly thanks to Kerry’s love of the phrase “that’s what she said”. Good times.

Too bad the time flew by so fast. Already looking forward to the next crop.

As for the 4 layouts I did…I still had to add the journaling when I got home and tweek them a bit hence the reason I’m posting them 2 days later…so without further ado…

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