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Getting me a new Bloggie today!

Nope…not a new blog…a new “Bloggie”. Whoot Whoot! So excited. Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? Well if you read my post from yesterday you already know what a Bloggie  is …if you didn’t …shame on you ..JK! Well I will save you the bother of scrolling down to read yesterday’s post …unless you want to of course…and I will tell you all what a Bloggie is. A Bloggie is the miraculous little device that hopefully by tomorrow will bring me to you via video! Are you excited now? That’s right…a Bloggie is a video camera and I just ordered it from Staples and it should be shipped to my local store by days end! Whoot Whoot! I already own a video camera but alas my relic of a video recording device is not capable of producing videos I can actually put on the web. Total bummer because it’s a super nice camera. Oh well. Enough about the relic and more about my new toy. The Bloggie …if you can get past it’s amazingly stupid name…is actually a pretty amazing little camera. I started out shopping for a Flipcam but decided on this little beauty instead. After reading lots of reviews and comparing features the Bloggie was the clear choice for me. The Bloggie has a bigger view screen and more optical zoom than a Flipcam and the view screen can also be rotated so it will be great for self-shooting. Also the Bloggie can zoom in real close for detail shots which apparently the Flipcam can’t do very well. Another feature the Bloggie has that the Flipcam does not…removable memory…totally did not like that the Flipcam has internal memory only.  The only real drawback to the Bloggie is it is bigger that the Flipcam….but I wasn’t buying so much for size so not really an issue and the Bloggie..while not pocket size… is still small enough to throw in my purse. Totally happy with my choice especially considering the awesome deal I got on it…it was $199.99 at staples…free shipping to my local store…$20 off with a coupon…plus added bonus I had some staples rewards to use…total out of pocket for my new toy…$70! Whoot Whoot! A little FYI though if your also in the market…Sony has a more compact version of the Bloggie…more the size of the Flipcam…and it has a great rotating lens…so again great for self-shooting…but that model didn’t get such great reviews. So now I’m anxiously awaiting the email that says my new toy is in so I can get that puppy charged and start playing….I’ve got tons of great ideas for some videos (all rated G of course) to share with you all. Now I just have to think of a better name for my new toy besides Bloggie.

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