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Acrylic stamps should come with a warning label…

that say in large bold letters in the brightest color possible…Hey dumba$$…yeah you… acrylic stamps should definitely not under any circumstances be left in the sun. I mean seriously how else is someone to supposed  to figure out that the sun…which is hot…will heat things…even things like a plastic polymer which are not meant to be heated…and thereby destroy them. I mean I guess the average person could rely on some common sense to figure it out but no not me…apparently I decided to give common sense the day off and because there was no large warning label from the scrapper general warning me of the dangers from the molten ball of gas in the sky I left a stack of my stamp cases filled with acrylic stamps on the edge of my picnic table…all day…while I scrapped…completely oblivious to the slow steady rise in temperature that was taking place until it was too late and they were destroyed. And as if it was not tragic enough that I slow baked a whole stack of my stamps like an Idaho potato I discovered that the top 2 cases…which had the most damage…were in fact my newest sets of stamps. 
So so sad…so many good stamps needlessly lost. All this senseless tragedy and waste because the stamp companies couldn’t be bothered to put a large red universal no sign over a cute little graphic of the sun on the front of the package…I mean come on like that would take so much effort on their part. So I blame them…the thoughtless, inconsiderate stamp manufacturers for woefully neglecting to warn me and the rest of  the scrapping population of this incredible danger. And yes I said I blame them…not me… for this senseless tragedy…after all this is America…land of the lawsuit…where we take pride in blaming others for our own monstrously huge acts of stupidity…and for that I say God Bless America. After all I cannot assume blame…that would mean I would have to admit I was a complete and total moron and well that just ain’t gonna happen. So to all those stamp companies out there I say…please please please for the sake of those lacking the common sense God gave billy goats…won’t you please put a warning on your package before another innocent stamp is harmed. Thank you.

Authors note…the above story was slightly embellished for dramatic effect.

Only 4 of the 24 stamps in the top 2 cases were actually damaged…they are too warped to stamp clearly…and even though they were good stamps…luckily they weren’t expensive stamps…they were $1 stamps from Jo’s but it’s still tragic because they were really pretty $1 stamps and I hadn’t even used them yet.

Author’s note #2…Even though the stamps were destroyed, I was still able to save the printed transparencies that showed the stamps image and used one to make this card…

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seriously OMG! I just got a package in the mail from CK and it was chock full of green…no not the moola kinda of green…the LYB Lucky Me kind of green. I’m not 100% sure but I think they sent the whole line…18 pieces of 2 sided PP, 1 sheet of die cut paper, lace cut cardstock, clear stickers, cardstock stickers, chipboard stickers, clear cut frames, rubons, canvas stickers, dimensional stickers and the decorative edged tablet with more die cut stickers!!! Talk about a lot of green!

All those goodies in one box …outstanding. But wait…there was more…besides the LYB …I got Piggy Tales..more specifically 18 adorable papers and a set of chipboard shapes from Piggy Tale’s 5 Little Duckies Collection….seriously super duper cute..especially the duckies!  And if that wasn’t enough I got a dimensional sticker from MAMBI and a set of stamps…Shamrocks Grow from MSE!

Isn’t that awesome..all that scrappy goodness in one package! If your wondering why all the green and shamrock stuff….well it is simple… I won a contest and it was a St. Patrick’s Day photo contest. I entered this super fun photo of my nephew and my photo was picked at random from all the entries…BTDub…lucky me…there were only 3 other entries…got to love them odds right!

And yes I am fully aware that is now June and your all wondering why I am just posting this now…well when I won it way back in March I was so stoked about winning I didn’t read the email correctly and sent my address to the wrong place so CK never got it…luckily the fabulous Brittany took care of it for me and got my package in the mail for me last week….hey better late than never right. Anyways I had no idea CK gave out such awesome prizes…now that I am fully aware of the goodness to be had I will so be entering more contests.

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A tisket a tasket a lot of wire baskets…

and all my adhesive and stickles in a row. Don’t know why I’m channeling mother goose this morning but hey whatever works right. BTdub…anyone know what a tisket or a tasket is? Just curious. Sorry I digress…back to today’s post…I have another video to share with you today! Yeah!  Once again I am taking you into my haven…my den of creativity…my inner sanctum…I know I should’ve stopped at haven…sanctum just sounds creepy. Anyways…you get a another peek inside my scrapspace and another peek at my OCD in action. I know this is only my 2nd video but I am started to question my wisdom in posting proof in video form that I am indeed a little over the edge with the organizing…I mean this just might be my paranoia talking but what if my family uses these seemingly innocuous videos to have me committed…I mean seriously these videos are pretty damning proof I have issues. What if the next time I tell my son he is grounded he threatens to call the men in white and show them my “illness” that I have posted for all to see on youtube and they come and take me away…or worse yet they come and take away my binders and baskets and bins…OH MY! Well it could happen. You never know. I guess that’s just something I’ll have to risk in order to share with all you my faithful followers of all things scrappy and organized my bits of organizing wisdom. I just hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I’m making.  Now without any further delusional rambling… for your viewing pleasure…my latest video…enjoy!

I hope you liked it…oh and since I know someone is going to ask these questions I will preemptively answer…

Did you know you said craproom?….Yes I know I said craproom instead of scraproom…must have been a freudian slip

Why do you sound out of breath?….Well you see Robert Downey Jr.  and George Clooney were over earlier and…….

Can you tell me more about the wall on the wall behind the wall?…Well even though I made it perfectly clear in the video, I will clarify for you…The “wall” my baskets are hung from is actually a piece of luan (really nice plywood) that is mounted to a wood frame that is screwed into the sheet rock on the actuall wall…we used the space between the luan and the sheet rock to run the wires for the lighting.  Make more sense now?

I think that covers all the biggies…if you have anything else pertinent you want to ask, just leave your question in the comments section and I will answer whatever I can. Feel free to leave comments (nice ones please) as well…they are always appreciated.

Today’s blog post has been brought to you by some crazy lady who is obviously in need of meds, by mother goose and by the letter B (B is for binder, basket and bin) and by the words tisket, tasket and sanctum.

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the pile o’crap is a little smaller

and my stash of cards is a little bigger. Actually it’s not a pile o’crap’s a box o’crap since that is what I put all of it in to take with me this weekend and as it turns out it wasn’t all crap…when I started going through the basket of stuff on my desk to be put away and started tossing it in the box I found all sorts of stuff….remnants from my doubles swap kits, remnants from other LO’s and even some new stuff I bought online and a package I got in the mail that I never put away…since I didn’t feel like sorting new crap from old crap it all went into the box. In addition to my box o’scrap crap, I brought card blanks of course, a bag of ribbon scraps, some inks, basic tools and some stamps with card sentiments. With all of that I was able to complete a whopping total of 8 cards in 2 days….amazing right. Not really I know… most people can make 8 cards in an hour or two but not me…I am a very very very slow card maker…like turtle in a coma slow. In addition to my general slowness I was multi-tasking while I scrapped which so didn’t help my cause…I watched almost all of season 2 of NCIS (I heart my portable DVD player and I big time heart Gibbs….still dreamy after all these years) …besides the NCIS marathon I also stopped to cook, eat and clean (only one of which I did willingly) and I did socialize a bit…cocktails on the deck and all that…we were camping after all and it was a holiday…just say’n. Btdub…the cocktails…they were frozen lemonade slushies…very very yummy. So if I had to break it down I probably spent about 14 or so hours camped out at my picnic table with my box o’scrap crap but I probably only worked for about 2/3 of that….and yes I know it is not easy to calculate 2/3 of 14  in your head so I’ll save you the braincells…that’s about 9.33 hours…divide that by the 8 cards I did …carry the 1,  subtract the 2 …it’s roughly 1.16 hour per card. Like I said I’m slow. It’s a good thing I don’t work for Hallmark or I would’ve been canned.  Oh well even though 8 cards is not that impressive it’s still better than none.  So as promised I took pics…so here is a picture of the pile… which is actually now a box…o’scrap crap..

and here’s the 1st card I made…

I used paper scraps from a kit from my doubles swap challenge and the chipboard circle was from a pack of Making Memories chip …the sentiment is actually a clear sticker that came in some random mailing from CK ages ago.

this is card #2…

again more scraps from the doubles swap, more MM chip and the sentiment is from Inkadinkadoo


again more MM Chip and more scraps from the doubles swap along with a random scrap….don’t you just love the color combo… I know I do…the sentiment is studio g wood stamp…the brads were also leftovers from a doubles swap kit and that cool flower stem is ribbon

here is card #4…

I made the background for this card with some squares I had cut and inked for a LO and never used them … thought they were so pretty so I couldn’t part with them…worked out pretty well as a background since the front of this card blank was actually in sad shape. I wasn’t really happy with how the sentiment on this  card came out…the rubon didn’t want to rub on and I totally goofed and put the ribbon too high so my original sentiment wouldn’t fit …oh well blame guess I can blame this one on the a a a a alcohol.I did get lucky with the bow…it was already tied and in my bag o’ribbon scraps and it is just super pretty.

this is card #5….

The embroidered flowers and clouds were things I had pulled for different LO’s and never put away …the rest of the card is just random scraps of paper and a tiny bit of ric rac. I wanted to add a bee or something but there was none in my box o’crap.

here is card #6…

one of my faves…the patterned paper is just so pretty…it too was leftover from the doubles swap as were the 2 buttons and the little bit of cord…the sentiment is another CK sticker and the metal tag was in a package sent to me that I never put away and the rubons were for a LO and never used

here is card #7…

another fave..the flower tags were from the same scrappy mail package..another CK sticker for the sentiment, the last of the only 4 buttons I had in my box, a ribbon scrap and a brandy-new label sticker from my ACOT order that never got put away

and lastly card #8…

this card took a while to do…not because of the alcohol…but because I wanted to use the star lace paper and had trouble finding scraps to match….that star lace paper is the last of a 12×12 sheet…that stuff is so expensive so I definitely wanted to use every last scrap…the sentiment is from MAMBI and the rest of the card was just paper and ribbon scraps.

So like I said I only made a small dent  in my box o’crap so I will have to see if I can make a bigger dent this week and get some more cards done..I have high hopes I will get more than 8 done…after all I’m out of lemonade slushies.

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