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Acrylic stamps should come with a warning label…

that say in large bold letters in the brightest color possible…Hey dumba$$…yeah you… acrylic stamps should definitely not under any circumstances be left in the sun. I mean seriously how else is someone to supposed  to figure out that the sun…which is hot…will heat things…even things like a plastic polymer which are not meant to be heated…and thereby destroy them. I mean I guess the average person could rely on some common sense to figure it out but no not me…apparently I decided to give common sense the day off and because there was no large warning label from the scrapper general warning me of the dangers from the molten ball of gas in the sky I left a stack of my stamp cases filled with acrylic stamps on the edge of my picnic table…all day…while I scrapped…completely oblivious to the slow steady rise in temperature that was taking place until it was too late and they were destroyed. And as if it was not tragic enough that I slow baked a whole stack of my stamps like an Idaho potato I discovered that the top 2 cases…which had the most damage…were in fact my newest sets of stamps. 
So so sad…so many good stamps needlessly lost. All this senseless tragedy and waste because the stamp companies couldn’t be bothered to put a large red universal no sign over a cute little graphic of the sun on the front of the package…I mean come on like that would take so much effort on their part. So I blame them…the thoughtless, inconsiderate stamp manufacturers for woefully neglecting to warn me and the rest of  the scrapping population of this incredible danger. And yes I said I blame them…not me… for this senseless tragedy…after all this is America…land of the lawsuit…where we take pride in blaming others for our own monstrously huge acts of stupidity…and for that I say God Bless America. After all I cannot assume blame…that would mean I would have to admit I was a complete and total moron and well that just ain’t gonna happen. So to all those stamp companies out there I say…please please please for the sake of those lacking the common sense God gave billy goats…won’t you please put a warning on your package before another innocent stamp is harmed. Thank you.

Authors note…the above story was slightly embellished for dramatic effect.

Only 4 of the 24 stamps in the top 2 cases were actually damaged…they are too warped to stamp clearly…and even though they were good stamps…luckily they weren’t expensive stamps…they were $1 stamps from Jo’s but it’s still tragic because they were really pretty $1 stamps and I hadn’t even used them yet.

Author’s note #2…Even though the stamps were destroyed, I was still able to save the printed transparencies that showed the stamps image and used one to make this card…

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