A month in review

July 13, 2010 at 11:15 am 4 comments

so OMG shame on me ….slap my hand and put me in a corner…. it has been over a month since I posted!!!!  Seriously I can’t believe I neglected the blogosphere for that long. At least I have some straight up legit excuses …and no they have nothing to do with a dog…unless you count the dog days of summer. Even though summer is here life is still full tilt crazy…. dishes and laundry, grocery shopping,  working, playing taxi for the kids, helping my mom get her house ready to sell and in general all sorts of daily craziness. Nothing even remotely fun. Weekends thankfully are much more laid back but devoted to family time and since I can’t convince the hubby and kids that scrapping is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon there hasn’t been a whole lot of scrapping on weekends either. My other excuse for my general lack of scrappiness and my extended absence is again summer related…this time its the weather to blame…yes I am putting the blame squarely on mother nature’s shoulders…her and her darn heat waves. We’ve had some pretty nasty hot humid days and even some almost unbearable sweltering sticky days that made even the slightest movements cause for another shower…UGH! And since I lack that oh so glorious invention known as central air, what little time I have managed to eke out for myself has been spent plopped in front of whatever electrical gadget in my house is throwing the most cool air and staring at my other favorite electrical device lately…the TV. I usually hate watching TV but when the thermostat in your house says it is 95 in your living room at 9:30 at night…the TV is pretty darn good.

All in all the last 30 days haven’t been as scrappy as I would’ve liked but I keep trying and I have accomplished a few things lately…not a lot but hey at least it’s something…here’s a breakdown of what little I was able to do……..

I got to scrap a couple hours with a friend one weekend and actually got 3 layouts done…but…I haven’t done the journaling yet or taking pics to post.

I did take a video of my messy scraproom to share with you…but…haven’t had the time to upload and post it.

Took another video after that of some really awesome goodies I just got from Frugalities …but…I haven’t uploaded that one either.

I did get my scraproom cleaned on Sunday (it was a cool 80 degrees)…but…I haven’t shot the after video yet showing how clean it is.

I did join in Club CK’s summer camp which started yesterday…but…I am already a day behind because I had no time to scrap and I am already having serious doubts about getting any of the assignments done.

I made a bunch of notes with ideas for blog posts and some videos…but…until I have some serious free time, you probably won’t see them anytime soon.

Bummer right.

Oh well what can I do…guess I will just have to keep hoping to win the lottery so I can quit my job and hire that maid I’ve always wanted. Until then…I guess the scrapping will be a little sparse and the blog content a little thin. If I can appease the kids with something quick for dinner tonight I should be able to get one of the videos up tonight…at least thats the plan…keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  • 1. Veronica  |  July 13, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Whew! Good. {wiping brow} I haven’t missed anything. It’s been just as busy around here as well as “H-oh-double T!” HOT! 95 plus with heat indexes at 105-100 IN THE SHADE!!!
    Looking forward to [i]ANY[/i] scrappy items you may post!

  • 2. Julie  |  July 13, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Glad you are back! Hasn’t the heat been a killer. Yikes!
    Hope you will be able to get back to some fun scrapping soon.

  • 3. Luv2talk  |  July 14, 2010 at 12:29 am

    Get your ‘but’ moving and get something done. “WHINING” does now count. 😉

  • 4. reneelamb  |  July 14, 2010 at 10:52 am

    ugh…I don’t know how you are handling the no central air thing! Out here in the swamps of Mississippi it’s horrible WITH central air. And um…yeah…I haven’t had much scrappy time either. Life just gets too busy during the summer with kids, husband, and work. But here’s to scrappy times ahead right? 😉


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