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Scrappy date tonight…woohoo!

OK so it’s been ages and ages since I’ve scrapped so I decided since I can’t get motivated when I  sit down on my own that I would get a hold of some scrapping buddies and start making some scrapping dates … the hope is with someone else (or multiple someone elses) sitting there scrapping beside me  I might actually feel compelled to do something  myself besides just taking the stuff out and looking at it…which is pretty much all I’ve done this summer…at least thats the plan. Let’s hope the plan works. So tonight I’m off to my friend Tina’s house for 6 hours of one on one scrapping time. Totally looking forward to it. Hopefully moojo is with me because it’s always hard for me to get back into the groove when I’ve been away too long. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll be sure to post what.. if anything… I might actually miraculously get done.

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The family and I just got back from a whirlwind tour (by whirlwind I mean hot and tiring) of the nations capital and waiting for me in da pile o’mail when I returned was the new issue of Creating Keepsakes. Now usually I am super excited to get scrappy magazines in the mail…especially when said magazine sits on top of a week old pile of bills I’d rather not deal with and normally I would have been doubly excited since one of my layouts appears on one of the pages within. But alas (yes I said alas…can you tell I’m reading Harry Potter now) I was not quite as excited as I normally would have been. ***Alert…Debbie Downer Time*** Instead I was a little sad to see the magazine laying on the counter. See the layout that was selected to be published was of my step-dad Jimmie who died suddenly and unexpectedly in April. I had taken the pictures of him on March 19th and did the layout that night and submitted the layout the next morning. On April 2nd I was notified the layout was selected and I was so happy. 11 days later he died.  Luckily he saw the original layout and photos before he died and he knew he was going to be in a magazine…unfortunately he never got to see himself in print. So that being said…I knew I would probably cry a little when I opened it and found my layout (which is on page 97 if I haven’t mentioned that already) and as predicted when I found the layout I shed a few tears just as I usually do when I stop to think of him.  At the same time I smiled. I cried for what I lost and I smiled for what I was fortunate to have. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to take photos of someone I loved doing something they loved and I was fortunate enough to be able to tell a small small part of his story… I was fortunate I scrapped. So like I said…bittersweet.

****note…apparently its been so long since I blogged I forgot how to publish a post…I typed this post on August 14th but apparently I never published it****

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