The saga of a well traveled bag full of good intentions…

September 14, 2010 at 11:41 pm 2 comments

So way back in the spring I planned a crop. Way back in the spring I made 40 kits for the crop. Way back in the spring I packed my crop bag full of paper and embellishments and tools for the crop. Way back in the spring I went to the crop. Way back in the spring I did a couple LO’s. Way back in the spring I decided to leave my bag packed so I could crop each weekend of the summer while basking in the beautiful Vermont sunshine. Way back in the spring that sounded like a good idea because way back in spring I had high hopes and good intentions. Well it ain’t spring no more. Fall is just around the corner and the dog days of summer are quickly coming to an end and here sits my bag…still packed. I wish I could say that since the spring I lugged this bag to Vermont every weekend and scrapped kit after kit but the only truth to that statement would be the lugging part. Because I did lug this bag. Over and over again. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth over the state line to Vermont. Every weekend. 15 weekends. 30 times crossing the state line. It is a well traveled bag. Unfortunately with the exception of a few of those 15 weekends it was mostly an untouched bag. A fact that my two wonderful (read: smartass) children took great delight in busting me on pretty much every weekend. The oldest one especially found my constant heaving and hoing (hoeing?) to be a gargantuan waste of time. More than once he said with a twisted smile …”are you actually going to use this stuff this weekend”  For some reason they couldn’t see the logic in lugging 70 pounds of paper and other scrap supplies an hour away from home every weekend only to have it sit untouched. Apparently  they could not appreciate all the good intentions, high hopes and grand plans that came with that bag. They couldn’t understand that if by some miracle I became suddenly inspired and wanted to act on my good intentions then I needed to be prepared right? If Mr. Moojo came a knocking on my trailer door it would’ve been tragic to say I had nothing to scrap with. Right?  So I lugged it and lugged it some more. And luckily I did.  In May I had a minor burst of inspiration and a desire to make some cards …boy was it a good thing I had my bag. In June my friend came to visit and we spent some time cropping…dang good thing I had my bag. And just 2 weeks ago I got a visit from Mr. Moojo and you guessed it…it was a good thing I had my bag. If I hadn’t lugged it back and forth all those times I would’ve missed out on 3  very good days of scrapping. Now to my son 3 times out of 15 is not a lot… as Mr. Smartypants would point out that’s a mere 20 percent. But Mr. Smartypants isn’t a scrapper. So he doesn’t get that even though 20 percent would not make good odds in Vegas,  in the scrapping world 20 percent is pretty darn good. Right? I mean really if your a scrapper you know you have way more plans for your stuff than you have time, ambition or Moojo for…right? So what if my bag got some extra mileage on it….it was worth it. It’s a few kits lighter than it was in the spring and it’s still chock full of all those good intentions and grand plans. Besides if I hadn’t left my bag packed all summer long I would’ve had to actually pack again this weekend when I went to a crop with my friends. Instead all I had to pack was some chocolate and some diet cokes and I was good to go. So that same bag that I lugged north all summer got lugged west. And believe it or not I actually used it. So that makes 4 out of 16 trips.  Even without Mr. Smartypants help I know that’s 25 percent. My odds are improving! Now that it’s September I’m thinking maybe I should unpack it finally but there are still a few camping weekends left…and I still have all those good intentions and grand plans. Hopefully I get to use it a few more times….maybe I will…maybe I won’t…maybe I’ll get more done if I just stop lugging the kids back and forth.

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I get by with a little scrappy supplies from my friends… I am lousy at smooching…

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  • 1. amylucimar  |  September 15, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    i commend you on your lugging. you never really gave up and guess what? you never know when inspiration could hit so i say it’s best to be prepared. haha. i hope you keep improving your odds. ;o)

  • 2. Patty  |  September 15, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Ha! Think of all that exercise you got! And a visit from Mr. “Moojo” can never go wasted! LOL


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