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I am lousy at smooching…

Smooching with smooch spray that is. The other kind of smooching I am pretty good at…at least hubby thinks so ;). But the with the spray kind…not so much. I had the darndest time using that little bottle last night. Maybe it was in part because I was already majorly aggravated that I couldn’t find the little bottles in the first place. And when I finally did find the spray..the  smooching just went horribly wrong. Like I said at first I couldn’t find it…I went to the rack where my glimmer mist and smooch spray co-exist and all the glimmer was accounted for but the 2 bottles of  smooch I own were AWOL…which is so wierd…I couldn’t remember using them and it’s not the type of thing I pack for crops. And as you know I live by the mantra “a place for everything and everything in its place” the fact they weren’t in their place was just majorly disturbing. I mean the whole place for everything thing is for one very good reason…I have a memory like a seive…I would seriously forget my name if someone didn’t call me by it once a day. So if something ain’t where it ought to be that’s an issue…that means I have to rely on my noggin to deduce where it could be and that so ain’t good. I tried real hard to remember the last project I used either of them on and it was a while ago and I only used the one. So why were they both missing. I definitely don’t remember using them up and I was pretty certain I hadn’t. So I did the whole search and rummage thing and came up empty handed. Bummer. Now since none of the colors of glimmer were going to work and I was now smoochless I had to move onto another layout. So as I’m working on this other layout I reach behind me to grab a paper pack out of my basket and I feel something that is not paper. I couldn’t see what it was but it was small and glass so I am super excited and just hoping  it was the missing smooches and it was! I have no idea how they ended up where they were…maybe they were trying to make a break for it …I don’t know…I was just glad to have located the little buggers. So now that the smooches have been located I can go back to working on my layout. With smooch in hand I am all excited because I have this vision in my head of what I want the layout to look like and how I want the spray to look  and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Of course I want it to be awesome so I do all the necessary pre-smooching prep…I begin by masking off the areas I don’t want spray on and then I figure out the best angle and distance to hold my paper to get the look I want…then lastly I do a test spray to make sure the smooch is working right. All good. Feeling confident…done what needs to be done…I go for it…SMOOOOCH! AARGGGH! One spray is all I did and it was a disaster. Apparently the nozzle wasn’t pointed where I thought it was so instead of spraying downward to the right…it sprayed upward to the left. GRRRR! Stamping my feet hissy fit GRRRRR! No idea how the heck that happened. But I have my guesses…see unlike my bottles of glimmer mist which have this wonderful little curve on top of the button so you know your finger is resting right…my smooch doesn’t. 😦 So I have to put my finger on the pump button and actually look to see if I have the nozzle facing forward. Which I did…but I guess I didn’t. 😦 Somehow without knowing it I either shifted my finger or the button turned or both. Another factor could be that smooch bottles are super small and sleek….which makes them super cute to look at but not so easy for my big man hands to handle….they just don’tt sit right in my hand and it always feels awkward. On top of that the smooch has a plastic label on it…it’s not a sticker though…it’s a sleeve…and because it’s a plastic sleeve and the bottle is glass the sleeve actually slides around actually making it more difficult to handle than it already was. After the first botched attempt I ditched the label. So if you add all these factors together it basically equals a smooching disaster…like locking braces when locking lips kindof smooching disaster. The wrong way smooch looked totally nasty so it basically wrecked the layout…Phooey. So tonight’s project will be a re-do. So like a gawky teen after their first real smooch  I’m hoping the 2nd smooch is going to be way better cause I was so not impressed.

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