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days 2 & 3

well the weekend is over and i’m back to report on days 2 and 3! I had an amazing time! Spent my time galavanting through the eastern part of the state…got to visit with some good friends, have a few drinks,  do some scrap shopping (yes more!) and even got to hang with one of the cutest babies evah! If your jealous should be!

Let’s start with Saturday… the plan was to drive an hour to Natick with a quick side trip to Sturbridge…except my quick side trip took a little longer because my GPS was misbehaving very badly. After giving my GPS a good what for I decided it was useless and turned it off and went it on my own… luckily I was on the right street just had to find the building. After a little searching found my destination… Ink Paper Scissors! Ink Paper Scissors is one of my fave stores…they recently just moved hence my inability to locate them. I know I just went shopping on Friday but I had to stop there to drop off a flier for a crop I’m hosting to raise money for victims of the Massachusetts tornado (more on that this week). So it was a win win…got to do some good deed work and got to do some more shopping. Got some good stuff…mostly paper (as always!). After I gave my wallet it’s second workout for the weekend I headed onto Natick where I got to meet up with my super duper good friend from Florida…the one the only ~kim~ ! Kim and I have been friends online for a couple years now but we’ve only met once so I was super excited to see her again. She’s home visiting her family so I got to party with them for the night….her family is awesome. Her sweet mom even put me up for the night so I wouldn’t have to get a hotel. Unfortunately the time went by too fast and before we knew it it was Sunday morning and it was time for me to head on to my next destination. So after a quick breakfast at Dunkin with Kim I was off to Billerica. Which for anyone who lives on the eastern half of the state is pronounced Bill-Rick-A…but…since I’m from the western half of the state I pronounced it Bill-err-ick-a…something my good friends from the east enjoyed teasing me about LOL. So off I went to Bill Rick A to see yet another really good friend…my buddy Kerry. Kerry and her hubby were recently blessed with a beautiful baby girl and I was dying to go meet her (oh and see them too LOL). Got a little lost again because my GPS still was misbehaving but I finally got there.   Kerry gave me a tour of her beautiful house including her fabulous scrap space…lots of great goodies and I love all her Ikea stuff…got to get to one of them one day. Was very excited to meet the new baby….she is an absolute doll. Picture perfect in every way. After oohing and ahhing at the baby for a while, Kerry gave her husband detailed instructions on taking care of baby and we were off and running to yet another scrap store! Kerry wanted to take me to a store near her I’ve never been too called Absolutely Everything…with a name like that how could I resist! Well after a quick detour through New Hampshire (Kerry’s turn to get lost and get mad at her GPS) we got to the store and it was amazing! They have everything from stamps and inks to stuff for collage, ATC’s and cards plus a good selection of scrap supplies. I had to try to behave since this was store #3 in 3 days but sticking to my budget was a lost cause once Kerry told me there was a clearance table and I found glimmer mist for 50% off! So glad I passed up buying it at the other 2 stores. Ending up getting 5 of them plus even more paper cause I didn’t get enough at the other 2 stores LOL. After shopping it was back to Kerry’s to ooh and ahh over the baby some more ….wish I could’ve borrowed her and taken her home for a few days! Finally had to call it a day and head home…was bummed to have to leave but it was such a great weekend. Want to thank Kim and her family and Kerry and her hubby for letting me invade their spaces for the weekend.

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