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Blips and Blurbs

don’t have a lot of time for blogging so I will be doing some speed posting tonight…just some blips and blurbs about the big fundraiser crop…

One month sure goes by ridiculously fast when your trying to plan something….like Han Solo in warp speed fast.

So excited that in a few short days I will get to meet lots of new scrappers and even more excited that I get to spend 12 hours hanging with some of my favorite people!

Waiting for the UPS man is a like an emotional roller coaster ride…1st i’m anxious to see if he comes, disappointed if he doesn’t and super excited when he does!

The peeps over on ClubCK are ridiculously generous …which I already knew…but now I have proof…package after package of wonderful scrappy goodness donated for our raffle!

A box full of 100 bottles of Un-Du is an awesome site to behold…makes me happy happy happy!

My boss drives me so crazy I want to drink heavily on a regular basis but sometimes he comes through when needed…after a little arm twisting he generously donated some $$$ to cover expenses for our big event.

100 accordian flowers is a lot…just say’n!

And if your making 100 accordian flowers…I highly suggest getting a scor-board. I did not have one and I spent every minute this weekend wishing I had one.

100 cans makes a ton of noise when they all fall out of the box. Note to self…need better box.

My daughter is amazing…if not for her help this weekend I’d still be on the 4th flower.

When it’s necessary to pack tons of stuff…make a list and check it twice…lest ye forget stuff…like I did this weekend.

Oh and if you watch hours on end of the mini series on John Adams while you make 100 accordian flowers…you will say things like “lest ye” for a few days LOL

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