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dear retail employees everywhere…

I worked retail for a lot of years and I know that working retail is a hard job and often a thankless job and I know when you work in a big store like AC Moore or Michaels it’s pretty much impossible to know everything about every product but if a customer asks a question and you don’t the answer then just say…I DON’T KNOW!!! Seriously! I went to AC Moore tonight to get glue I needed for the crop on Saturday …while I was walking through the scrapbook department I noticed that they reset the albums and I couldn’t see any of my favorite albums from We R Memory Keepers anywhere!  I was freaking out a bit because I really love those albums and from what I could tell it looked like they wouldn’t be carrying them anymore…so dissappointing. I checked the labels on all the outs and no labels at all for any WRMK albums. 😦 But being an optimist I figured since they just reset the planogram the albums must be somewhere in the store…hopefully in a new home somewhere or maybe in clearance. So since I couldn’t find them on my own I sought out a clerk and thought I got lucky when I found the manager on duty was in the next aisle. So thinking he might actually know something I asked him if he realized they just reset the album wall and did he have any idea what would’ve happened to the albums that were no longer out. His brilliant answer…we must’ve sold out. That answer came without even asking which ones I was looking for.  So I said there were several left last week before the new planogram and asked if it was possible if they were in another part of the store or in a clearance section somewhere….instead of just saying I don’t know and telling me where the clearance section was the manager told me that nope the albums wouldn’t be in clearance because nothing from that department made it to clearance. At this point I was quite annoyed because he never even asked about the albums I was specifically looking for or offered to help me look…just gave me his BS line and left it at that. Talk about horrible customer service. I was so annoyed. So I went and found the clearance section myself. No sign of my beloved WRMK albums but I did find another album in the clearance as well as other scrapbook stuff. Honestly it was just ridiculously irritating. How hard is it just to say I’m sorry I don’t know but clearance is over there and if you want I will help you look. Geesh. Unfortunately I still had to find the glue I went there to get in the first place and of course I couldn’t find it at first but no way was I going to waste more time asking for help…goodness knows what I’d get for an answer. Luckily I found them on my own. Now I am going to have to start stalking AC Moores trying to find my albums….hopefully I can find a clerk that has a clue and if they don’t they will just say so.

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