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A confession and some layouts to share

OK first the confession…I’m a geek! Yep that’s right…a geek! Hard to believe right. I mean I’m sure everyone thinks I’m as cool as Fonzie but I so ain’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m no mega nerd either…I don’t own a pocket protector or live in my mom’s basement and I’ve never played a game of D&D evah…but I do have a love for one of the geekiest things on the planet …Harry Potter. I am full on lover of the boy with the lightning scar and his precocious friends. Now if I were a 8 years old my love for Harry Potter would be OK because that is what little kids are supposed to be into but as I’m a few (cough) years older than 30 being a mega fan of Harry Potter makes me a geek and I’m OK with that…after all judging by the crowd of the other over 30 somethings that were in the theater with me this weekend it’s safe to say I’m not the only geek on the planet. Like many other geeks I’ve been hooked on Harry since the first book came out so many years ago ….that’s when I first started reading the books to my son…he was just 5 at the time…man do I miss those days. The only book I didn’t read to him was the last one…by the time Deathly Hallows came out it was 2007 and he was 14 and was so over being read to 😦 . But at the same time my son was losing interest my daughter…then 10…was beginning her own obsession with Harry Potter…both the books and Daniel Radcliffe…he was her first “poster on the walls” crush. Since we all loved the books we naturally had to see all the movies…and of course we loved them all…I especially loved them because they were movies we all watched together…as a mom you just can’t knock anything that gets both your kids in the same room with you! So of course being a family of Harry Potter obsessed geeks we had to see the last movie this weekend…we weren’t crazy enough to go to the midnight showing but we did go opening day…I couldn’t wait any longer to see it. We loved it …it was awesome! Already looking forward to seeing it again and can’t wait for the DVD release! As excited as I was to see the last movie now that it’s over I’m bummed…it’s like a huge hunk of my kid’s childhood has come to an end. So being a scrapbooker I had to capture a bit of our Harry Potter love so I will always remember what a big part of our lives the boy with the lightning scar was so I did a couple layouts this weekend …

this first one is of my daughter dressed as Hermione…such a perfect costume for her. I didn’t have any Harry Potter themed scrap stuff so I had to wing it to get the feel of Harry Potter with supplies I did have….used a great paper from Colorbok for the background…it looks like Harry himself could have written it with his quill. To bring in the Gryffindor colors I mounted the entire layout on a piece of burgundy Mi-Tients paper. To bring in the gold…the other half of the Griffyndor color scheme … I used it for my title block and to make my journal block pop. Inspiration for the framed pictures came from the many framed pictures that hang in Hogwarts…love how the super cute transparency frames from Colorbok make the photos just pop. Added a few more embellishments such as the burgundy and gold ribbon and the dangly stars and then I added my favorite part of the whole layout…an awesome embroidered embellishment from Autumn Leaves…totally worked perfectly with the photo of Kay waving her magic wand (a stick 😉 ) …love love love the magical look it adds to the layout!

The other Harry Potter inspired layout I did was about my daughter’s love for reading and her favorite books…which of course includes Harry Potter

I chose a simple aged paper from Basic Grey for the background because it reminded me of an aged leather book. Again since I didn’t have any themed embellishments I had to get creative and decided to use images of the book covers as my embellishments. I simply googled the books I wanted to use…cut and pasted the images into a PSE file and resized the images and printed them with my photos..voila instant embellishments….totally love how all the covers to the books she loves totally coordinate! To add a little more detail I added a bit of of faux stitching in between the photos and then added some flourish rubons from Making Memories. Since the photos really told the story I opted for no journaling but I did add some great word stickers I just got from Reminisce to carry on the theme and then added a simple but colorful title using some fabulous new Thickers I got.

The plan is to do at least 2 more Harry Potter inspired layouts in the near of me and the kids at the final movie and one about reading the books to my son. Although being the geek that I am I might just dedicate a whole album to the boy who lived.

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