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2 nights of scrapping…woot woot for me

I’ve been jonesing to scrap for weeks now but it just hasn’t been happening for me…most of this week was a bust because I’ve been completely wiped out at night because we’ve been crazy busy at work…actually had to do work the WHOLE 40 hours…geesh…anyways between that and the ridunculous heat last week that made my scraproom feel like a boiler room there has been very little scrapping going on at my house…actually there has been very little anything going on at my house…doing dishes is overated anyways right :). Anyways this week I needed to scrap…I’m in another Chinese Whispers challenge and it’s my turn so I had to get at least that done. So Thursday night when I got home I sucked down a 5-Hour energy and gave it the ol’ college try. Unfortunately I was having major issues finding photos for my challenge layout and I was lacking moojo so I decided after a couple hours of frustration to move onto something different. Decided to go through my kits and find one of them to work on…..ended up settling on one of my daughter at Mystic Aquarium. It took me most of the night to finish it but I was happy with it and it got the moojo flowing so it was a win-win.

Used very minimal product on this layout…cardstock is Bazzil…those great stickers around the photos were actually a really awesome border from Creative Memories (yes…I saidCreative Memories ;)..some of their stuff is pretty darn cute) …I cut it into pieces so I could use it all over my layout…used my Sakura Gelly Roll pens to create the rest of the border around the pics…love those pens…when they work right anyways. Added my title (it was too late for clever so I went with simple) …used some super cute puffy tiny letter stickers from these bad boys and 2 other colors at ACMoore…really wish I could find more colors…totally love the size and dimension of these. Added a small amount of ric-rac from my super huge stash of ribbon and then did some detail work on the stickers to give them a little more oomph…

I added some stickles to some…brads to some and then busted out my Gelly Roll pens again to add some dimension and voila…done!

Since I was still on a scrapping high from Thursday I decided to scrap some more Friday night and get my Chinese Whispers layout done…which I’m proud to say I accomplished…totally love how it came out…can’t show it to y’all yet though….can’t post it though until the last person in our round is done with theirs … so I guess you will just have to wait patiently …or wait impatiently…either way your waiting. 🙂

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