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awesome with a splash of cute

So a while back I did some online shopping…something I rarely do cause I am a hands on touchy feely kind of shopper but one day I was browsing online and there was a bunch of stuff that looked so so cute online so I placed an order. Well one of the super cute things I ordered was a box of  K&Co. chipboard animals called Actopus to Zelephant (whatever those are LOL) and they even came in their very own cute box…

Cute right? Adorable even. 35 pieces of adorable cuteness in an adorably cute box to be exact. Here’s the thing though…when my order arrived a week later and I opened all my “cute” things I had a sudden realization that I don’t do cute…cute is not my thing…never has been…neither is anything theme-y and I would say animals are definitely both theme-y and cute.  Odd right…ordering something not your style. ..I thought it was…seriously as I took inventory of the menagerie that lived inside Mr. Frog …that’s what I call him now… I couldn’t fathom why I ordered them. Trying to rationalize my purchase I tried to remember what I was doing the night I ordered…was I drinking heavily? had I spent time that night with puppies and babies and I was riding a cute high when I ordered? was I held captive that night by Elmo and forced to order cute things? …there all of them plausible reasons…especially the first one but the reality is it didn’t really matter why I ordered them cause order them I did and since it was so not worth the greenbacks to send them back I just decided to keep the box of cuteness. So then for whatever reason I decided not to put Mr. Frog away…instead I set him on a shelf next to my scrap table and there he sat…for weeks…those little froggy eyes just staring at me. Periodically I would take Mr. Frog off the shelf look at all the marvelous creatures that resided inside his belly and wonder what the heck I was going to do with 35 little critters…but alas I would always return the critters to their home and Mr. Frog back to his shelf and he would go back to staring at me and I would go back to ignoring him until one day it happened. I had a need for an animal! But not just any animal…a cute animal…a cute little chipboard animal…so I opened Mr. Frog and took out Mr. Giraffe and made a layout and even though it was cute…gasp…I liked it! Probably because the super awesomeness of the other scrappy stuff I used toned down the cuteness to an acceptable level.  So only a short while later I had need yet again for another animal so I sprung Mr. Rabbit from his box of cuteness and plunked him on a  layout filled with awesome scrappy goodness and then just a few months later I had a third layout in need of animal cuteness so down came Mr. Frog from his shelf and out came Mr. Sheep to live among more awesome scrappiness.  Amazing right…3 layouts with 3 cute little critters…who da thunk it…surely not me. I personally was astonished after I used the 1st one…by the time I got to the 3rd one I was downright befuddled and flabbergasted by all the super cuteness I was using. So imagine my surprise when believe it or not…it happened again! Yep just this week I did yet another layout with another cute little critter …bringing my cuteness total up to a whopping 4…amazing right…hard to believe even…well here it is …

Adorable right? Super ridiculously cute right? I know right! I mean that little itty bitty froggy is just so stinkin cute! I love him. I love him and everything else on this layout…that paper…awesome…those thickers…mega awesome…those adorable Jilli Bean journal spots that double as lily pads…mega super awesome. So I guess this layout is a lot of awesome with a splash of cute…guess that’s my new style!

Of course now I still have to use the other 31 critters in the box…

I’m thinking the lion, cat and monkey have a chance of making it to a layout but I’m having doubts about the yak, squid and clam. LOL

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