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day 2 – vellum and alcohol inks

So yesterday on day 1 we covered the basics of working with alcohol and vellum…hopefully my post yesterday was helpful to someone. I know it wasn’t all that exciting…after all who wants to read and read and read …write? (haha get it…write instead of right…as in read and write…oh nevermind) …anyways like I was saying…I’m sure today your looking forward to something way more exciting…maybe say an actual project? Well your in luck…I do have a project …I do!! And I actually have step-by-step directions with pictures to boot! Awesome right? I hope so…so without further delay…here’s my alcohol ink, vellum and texture project for day 2….

(sorry for the crappy picture…the fish bowl didn’t photograph well…the color looks way better in person and sorry also about the mega glare on the fish…camera flash and glitter apparently don’t work too well together)

Cute right? I thought so. And it’s super easy to make …here’s a list of supplies you’ll need…

….Ranger Alcohol Ink in Cloudy Blue …6 x 6 piece of translucent vellum…blank white card (my card is 5.5 x 4.5) …. ….fish sticker (the one on my card is from sandylion)….black stazon ink…..broad tip black pen (mine is from creative memories but you could also use a permapaque pen or slickwriter)….small scrap of cardstock…rubber stamp (the one I used is from studio G)…piece of white felt (or an alcohol ink applicator)….rubbing alcohol….q-tips…paper towels…stylus…hole punch…spray adhesive and scissors.

step 1… sketch a fishbowl on a piece of paper to use as a template (or you can print one on your printer)…lay a piece of vellum over your sketch. If you have a magnetic mat you might want to use it to keep the layers in place.

step 2…apply alcohol ink to piece of felt or applicator and dab ink over lower part of fish bowl using the sketch underneath as a guide. Don’t worry if you go outside the line around the edge of the bowl because we will be trimming that after but you do want to try to follow the top water line. Continue dabbing ink until you achieve the density of color and look you want. Allow ink to dry.

If you got any ink above the water line, use a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to remove any unwanted ink.

step 3….once dry, use the broad tip black marker to trace around the fishbowl. Allow marker to dry

step 4….cut around perimeter of fish bowl

step 5…using a hole punch (I used both an 1/8″ and 1/4″ hole punch) punch 1 large hole and 1 small hole in a scrap piece of cardstock.

Turn the fishbowl rightside down over the scrap cardstock…lining up the hole where you want the bubble to be…using your stylus..slowly trace the circle until the bubble is embossed…repeat for remaining 2 bubbles. To make the bubbles more white…turn the fishbowl right side up and put the scrap of cardstock with the hole over the bubble so only the bubble shows…use a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on it to rub over the bubble and remove the blue ink…repeat for remaining bubbles.

step 6….add fish sticker and stamp sentiment with stazon ink on fishbowl…allow to dry.

step 7….once dry, place fish bowl right side down on a piece of newspaper and lightly spray with spray adhesive …adhere fishbowl to center of card.

step 8…using a ruler and a yellow broad tip pen add a border to the card

voila! done!

Tomorrow on day 3 I’ll share another card with you so make sure you check back.


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