Day 4…4 cards

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Yep that’s right …4…count em baby…1, 2, 3, 4  cards to share. After posting my goldfish card the other night I kept looking at it and thinkin it was kind of dullsville…I definitely could’ve amped it up a bit but I really didn’t feel motivated to do it over..instead I started pondering about what else I could make using the same technique. I tried to think of other things that would have liquid in them and the first thing that came to mind was cocktails (no surprise there LOL) … so I googled some clipart of some drinks and got super inspired to make a margarita and a glass of wine using the same technique as the fishbowl. So just like the other night I sketched out my image, layed the vellum over the sketch and used my alcohol inks to add the liquid….then I traced the image with black pen, mounted it to some white cardstock and cut around the image and then created my cards. Only difference is on some of these cards I actually used a brush to paint on the ink rather than dabbing it on…wanted to have more control over the ink and get a more intense color.

So here’s card #1…

Cute right…I love me some margaritas so I realllllly love this card….going to have to decide which one of my lush friends is going to be deserving of this bad boy. I didn’t have a saying for my card so I used a Studio-G stamp that says “when life gives you lemons…” so I just stamped the parts I wanted and used a black pen to write in the words limes and margaritas.

So after the margarita card I decided to make something a little tamer…a nice tall glass of lemonade…

Card #2

Awesome right! I used a little bit of painting and dabbing for this one…the lemons are painted but I dabbed the ink to make the lemonade. I amped up the lemonade by adding some ice…just sketched some cubes out on vellum, traced it in black ink, cut it out and laid it over the top of the glass…love the effect. Used the same stamp for the sentiment as card #1 only I used it as is this time around.

Since I was on a roll with the beverage cards I decided to make another…card #3 …

Spectacular right! I love how this card came out…even though I totally wanted to throw it out the window while I was working on it! Making the wine glass was a piece of cake but the rubons I used for the sentiment were a nightmare…maybe I shouldn’t have actually been drinking wine (yummy Reisling!) while making the card. Thank goodness for Un-du cause I had a ton of rubon disasters to remove. Once I got the front of the card done I was going to use rubons to do the sentiment inside but in the interest of sanity I decided to handwrite it. The inside of the card says “wine always make me feel better”…so true…I had 2 more glasses after my rubon fiasco.

After 2 cocktails on paper and a couple real life ones I decided to try something a little different. I was really liking painting with the inks so I decided to try some more of that so here’s what I came up with…card #4

For this card I drew a circle and laid the vellum over it…then I used a liner brush to handpaint the wreath using 2 colors of alcohol ink…lettuce and meadow and using the circle I drew as a guide. It is so so easy to paint on vellum with the inks…I just love it. After I painted the wreath I decided I wanted to mount it to the card ink side down because it was a softer look so again I used my spray adhesive to mount it to my card base. After that I stamped my sentiment on a strip of vellum…outlined the edges with a silver permapaque pen and mounted it on the diagonal across the wreath. Then I blinged out the wreath with some stickle berries and a simple bow. Lastly I outlined the whole card in silver. The end result…a simple, classic Christmas card. Oh and speaking of Christmas…please note that it is only September 15th and I have already made a Christmas card. Crazy early right! Well for me it is. Maybe this is an omen of things to come…that I might actually get all my cards done on time this year…yeah right!

Alright…enough blogging for one day …2 days worth of posts is a lot for one day. Check back tomorrow for even more cool, fun, and awesome ideas.


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