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September 20, 2011 at 12:24 pm 1 comment

So at this point I figure there is no longer any point in numbering the days since obviously I have not been on schedule for sometime but for those of you that have a need to know which day this should be…it should be day #6. Hooray!! That means this is the last post before I post that video I’ve mentioned like 100 times. But that’s tomorrow…today we have no video but we do have a picture…

ta-da! my latest creation. I love it…hope my hubby does to…I made it for him…but that’s a secret so shhhh! OK? OK! What’s not a secret is the cool way I created this card …of course I used alcohol inks and vellum…at this point that should go without saying…but to get this effect I did a masking technique. Masking of course is nothing new but I’ve never done it with alcohol inks and vellum and really thought the finished effect was pretty cool!  What also was pretty cool is the fact that I was able to use some pretty old and otherwise useless stickers for the mask so it was a win-win…got rid of the stickers and got a cool card.

Ok so If your super excited to try this yourself and just need instructions…here’s the simple steps to make this…

step 1: cut a piece of vellum about an 1″ larger than finished size

step 2: adhere mask (in this case stickers) on vellum …burnish to ensure good adhesion especially at edges

step 3: using piece of felt and alcohol ink…dab color over entire surface, allow to dry

step 4: adhere additional mask (same as in step 2)

step 5: dab 2nd color over entire surface (same as in step 3)

repeat with remaining mask and colors.

step 6: once inking is complete and dry … use a piece of felt and black stazon ink to rub-over entire image, allow to dry

step 7: remove mask (stickers) and cut vellum to size

step 8: use spray adhesive to mount image to card and add word strips

super duper simple to make right? 

OK so here’s some other little tidbits of information I learned along the way that will most definitely be helpful to you…

First…stickers make great masks but you can also use rub-ons or paper die cuts. To use rub-ons…simply rub-on the rub-on and then ink over …after you’ve inked…use Un-du to remove the rub-on…the trick to this though is not to remove the color when you remove the rub-on…I was able to remove a rub-on mask successfully by lightly dabbing with Un-du and then using a razor knife to lightly scrap it off.  To use paper die-cuts…simply spray back of die cuts with spray adhesive to create a sticker….then apply the same way you would a sticker…only thing you have to be careful of is most die-cuts are paper which means if you get the paper super wet you will get bleed through…so dab sparingly and lightly with alcohol ink and make sure to allow to dry in between applications.  As for sticker masks…obviously the best and easiest choice but you still need to know a few things…first…check the color fastness of the sticker…the stickers I used were red and when I rubbed the alcohol ink over the color bled..which is why my yellow hearts have red streaks…no biggie there cause I liked the effect..this time at least…so check first …second thing you need to know is all stickers are not created equal…some stickers that don’t have a glossy finish or that are thinner may get soggy from the ink and then you will have a heck of time getting them off successfully…again check a sample to make sure you won’t have issues before starting your project. One last tip about masks…be sure to pick images that have good defined images so you get the best want the outline of the sticker to be crisp and clean…if you can find them…Anita’s outline stickers would work great for this project.

As for tips on using inks on this technique have to remember two  really important things…#1 are layering color over color repeatedly….soooo you need to know how your colors are going to work together and in what order to use them…I recommend using lighter colors first and progressing to darker shades with each application…in my example I used sunshine yellow, followed by sunshine orange, then watermelon and lastly red pepper….since the sunshine yellow was applied first to plain vellum I got a true color …well except for the red streaks from the stickers…but when I applied sunshine orange it was over sunshine yellow so I got a mix of the 2 colors…same with the following colors…each color I applied mixed with the previous color. So again be careful in selecting your color palette and deciding what order. And tip #2…use less and do more…what I mean by that is do light coats of ink so you don’t over saturate the mask or vellum and do more layers of ink to get intenser colors…by using less and doing more you will get way less bleed-through. Obviously I got some bleed through on my image but I didn’t care…can’t be perfect all the time.

So that’s it for the how-to on how to use mask with vellum and alcohol inks.

Next post…video…I promise!!

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  • 1. Luv2talk  |  September 22, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    When the heck did you come back with a vengeance? Wow! I peek in to see if you’ve posted anything new and there are half a dozen new TECHNIQUE posts to wade thru. WOWza woman!

    Ok, I will concede that these are cool looking cards, however, I have stated many times that I do not like any technique that requires DRYING TIME…(ok, STICKLES is the one exception). These are really neat, but I just don’t have the patience for ‘wet’ steps.

    ROCK ON, Jen. Rock on.


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