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February 11, 2012 at 8:09 pm 1 comment

So umm yeah it’s been a while since I posted last…to be super specific it’s been 12,506, 760 seconds since I posted last…talk about a long time. And for those of you rushing off to grab your calculators I will save you the trip and tell you that 12,506,760 seconds is 144 days 18 hours and 6 minutes….or about 5 months!!! Yikes!! I’ve got all sorts of excuses to throw at ya as to why I’ve been absent….I was busy at Christmas, I have been watching way to much Big Bang Theory, I have been busy couponing, I have been busy with the kids, etc. etc. etc… I could go on and on but the biggest reason I haven’t posted is cause I haven’t really had much to post about. I haven’t really scrapped much in the past 5 months. I did get a couple day long crops in with my buddy Tina and an occasional night in with my other scrap buddy Jenny but for the most part I haven’t done squat. Just wasn’t into it anymore. The few times I went into my scraproom to do anything I only lasted about 15 minutes before getting back up and going to do something else. The only time I did manage to get anything done was just before Christmas..I made a recipe book for my niece…and I only did that because I had to cause it was a gift…although I have to say it came out awesome and I was totally obsessed with it..but after it was done I had no desire to scrap again. I guess I was just in a slump…a huge mega long ridiculous slump.

Well good news peeps…the slump is over…actually not only is it over but I am back with a vengance! Seriously I have been doing something scrap related for like 2 weeks straight. It’s crazy…it’s like I can’t stop now that I’ve started again. It all started 2 weeks ago when I finally got together to scrap all day with my buddy Tina…we hadn’t scrapped together in months so it was really good to get together…well good except for the packing…always hate the packing. Anyways we scrapped from 10 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and I got 4 layouts done!! And while I know 4 layouts is not a big number to be super impressed  with what was so awesome about our little crop was how the moojo was just flowing…seriously it was just oozing .. OK that sounds a little gross..but you get the picture. Anyways since then I have been a scrapping fool…I scrapped the next day…a couple times during the week…and then skype scrapped with Tina the following Saturday. I even brought some layouts to work so I could work on the journaling during lunch. And this week I finished a few layouts and worked on a ton of scrappy chores. I mean a ton.

For some reason even though I haven’t scrapped in ages my scraproom was trashed!! I had tons of stuff to put away including all the paper I bought last year…all 8 inches of it…yep I’m a paperholic!!! So that took 2 nights of steady work sorting it all and putting it all away. After I got all that done I moved on to going through my scraps…that was another night of non-stop work. Got them all sorted and put away and even started a super fun project with them all….will share that later 😉 Anyways today was spent doing more scrappy chores…I took pics of the layouts I finished and uploaded them and then spent most of the day putting all the layouts I got done in albums…again it’s odd how I rarely scrapped in the last 5 months but I had a huge stack of layouts to go though. It took all day to put them in the right albums…probably would’ve gone faster but naturally after I got most of them in I realized I missed one …ugggh! I finally finished a little while ago and proceeded to clean my entire desk off. Thinkin that is definitely enough chores for today. Unfortunately I still have more to do tomorrow…I have to fix a couple old layouts, put away a huge box of random embellishments from all the layouts I’ve done and backup all my photos….oh and post about my fun scrap project. That should keep me pretty busy tomorrow.

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Day Whatever… Recent Layouts

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  • 1. scrapthat/dolly  |  February 11, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Well girl…you know this post is UWP!! Let’s see some LOs girly!


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