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Tweek Tweek

So remember how I said the other day I was doing my scrappy chores and putting all my layouts in albums and it was taking forever…of course you remember…anyways even if you don’t I guess it’s not that important…see the thing was it was taking forevah and it was taking forevah cause I couldn’t help but inspect and critique them before I put them in…not a good idea I know…when it comes to layouts I believe you should live by the motto…”whats done is done” …but I couldn’t help myself. Some of the layouts in my stack were from months and months ago and because it had been so long since I worked on them I was looking at them with a fresh perspective…which basically means I was looking at them and going I could of, should of, would of. Most of them I was perfectly happy with and put in as is but a few of them bugged me…one had crooked ribbon…an easy enough fix with the magic of un-du, another needed a bit more color, another simple fix…just added a few buttons and it was done. But one layout really needed some tweeking. I loved the layout when I did it but after I got it done I did my journaling by hand directly on the layout and totally wrecked it…I never never never should’ve done it…but oh well what’s done is done…right…wrong!! When I saw it again it was still bugging me and I couldn’t put it in the album with the cruddy journaling so I tweeked it…I added a journal spot to cover the old journaling which made a humungous difference…but even after I fixed the journaling I couldn’t stop tweeking…I added some twine to the tag and a chipboard heart too which was just the perfect finishing touch and then because I had a small empty area on the new journaling spot I added a few more embellies there too. I was totally thrilled with all the changes…amazing what a few tweeks can do.

Here is the new improved version…

doesn’t the tag look better with a bit of twine…so cute…

and there is no denying the new journal spot is 100% times better than the previous disaster…

here’s the original to compare…

So glad I made the changes to this layout…note to self for future layouts…journal spots are my friends! 

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