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I’ve moved!!!

OK I bit the bullet and moved my blog…

head on over to to check it out!!

See ya there.

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In need of a change…

A change to my blog that is. Pretty much since the day I started my blog I have been unhappy with my blog’s appearance. When I started in the bloggy world I had no clue about blog design but I was eager to get blogging so I decided to start my blog and work on tweaking it’s appearance as I learned more. Well so much for that plan… here it is months later and I still have no freakin clue about blog design and my blog still looks like crap. I have tried and tried and tried to improve my blog but I think between my general lack of knowledge and the fact that wordpress frustrates the heck out of me I think it might be time to throw in the towel and start anew. After playing around on blogger I am thinking of moving my blog over to there. I have only been playing around with blogger for a little while and I am already finding it much easier than wordpress…at least in the design department. Here’s the problem I have with wordpress…since I don’t have the skills, time or patience to design my own blog I have to rely on whatever templates are available…of which there are alot..and for as many hours as I have spent surfing through template after template I cannot find anything that I like. Some are close but just not close enough. I’ve tried learning about changing CSS but every time I’ve tried changing the CSS I have failed miserably. Since I have barely enough time to scrap and blog on a regular basis I really don’t have time to keep wasting on blog design. Now I just have to commit to making the jump because it basically means starting over…getting a new blog addy out there and all that. But I think it will be for the best. Of course when and if I get the new blog up and running I will be sure to let you all know.

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March 2012

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