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This layout is a do-over. I don’t do a lot of do-overs but occassionally I do a layout and it just bugs me like something ain’t right and then I feel compelled to rip it apart. This was one of those layouts that bugged me. This was one of four layouts I did at the crop I went to on the 11th….actually it was the first one I did and it went rather quickly. That should’ve been my first clue something was wrong. I never do quick layouts. I have to move stuff around over and over for hours before I call a layout done. Just how I roll. Anyways…this layout…it was one of the kits I’ve been toting around since May and I have totally not been inspired one iota when I’ve tried to work on it before but it just so happens that at the crop I picked out some new paper at the store before I started to crop (surprise right…i bought more paper) anyways I found this paper I really liked and put it in my pile o’stuff to buy. Then I sat down to crop and took this kit out and realized that one of the papers I picked out would be perfect for this layout…the colors were fab and it had just the right “feel” KWIM? So going with the new paper I did the layout. Cut, glued and voila! Done. Or almost done. I still had to add my journaling which I always do at home. Anyways I put the layout away. 2 nights later I pull out the layout to journal and ick. I mean major ick. I’m looking at it going really…this is ick. So I look at it for a while trying to decide what’s wrong with it and I realize that its just boring. I wish I had taken a before pic to show you but I didn’t so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was icky boring. I had the photo in the same place but right next to it I had the paper I liked so it was one linear block across the layout… another clue that this layout was wrong…I don’t really do linear. So anyways…i have photo and paper across the middle and this big punched border all the way across the bottom of the block. In the top left corner I had 3 strips of stickers with 3 tiny heart accents. On top of the patterned paper I had my title…happiness together…the “happiness” was the same font as the “together”. Boring. Right under the title I had the rick rack border and the round chip embellishment is pretty much where it is now. I tried to tweek it without taking it apart by adding buttons and such but nothing seemed to work. So I decided to just basically gut the layout. I took off the patterned paper I had loved so much and replaced it with some journal paper which I like so much better because it looked more fun. I then replaced the “happiness” sticker in the title with “happy” in another font which was WAY better…mixed fonts are so much more fun. Then I used the colors in the patterned paper I liked so much to find other papers to use for the strips. Was very happy with the strips…love the movement and again just way more fun than one solid block of paper. Lastly I moved the sticker strips and added some staples and buttons and that cute die-cut heart. SO much better.  Hated having to do a re-do but it was worth it. At least now when I look at it I won’t go “ick” anymore.

September 22, 2010 at 3:51 pm 1 comment

Mostly wordless…

I always have a lot to say..always. No matter what the subject is I usually have a lot to say about it. It’s my thing…I babble. It’s just part of who I am…I spew words…lots and lots of words. So being that I am a big fan of the babble it should surprise noone that I journal on all my layouts. I feel compelled to. I have to tell who’s doing what and why and what I thought and what they thought, etc., etc., etc. After all I scrapbook so I can tell a story and I can’t tell the story if I don’t tell the story…right? So considering all that it is really unusual for me not to journal on a layout….even more unusual for me to do two layouts in a row that are sans words…but that is just what I did..back to back wordless layouts. They aren’t completely wordless…..I did add a title…and of course a date..and on one I did write 4 words saying when it was…but that was it. No she did this, he did that, she liked this but I didn’t…blah..blah….blah. I guess I figured the photos in these layouts were much pretty much self explanatory…not much need for me to elaborate. Gotta say it’s really bizarre for me to look at these layouts and call them done without a litany of words…but done they are. So without further babbling…here’s my mostly wordless layouts…

September 20, 2010 at 9:07 pm 4 comments

Sleeping Beauty…

I finally got some scrapping done the other night….woohoo for me…and I wanted to share with you my latest creation. The pic is of my darling daughter…I was hanging around in her room one night and she was wearing the most beautiful pink angora sweater (a hand me down from a very stylish older cousin…if I only the cousin wore my size…sigh) …well anyways she looked so pretty I told her I wanted to get a picture. My daughter not being very camera friendly decided to play oppossum so to speak and pretended to be asleep when I came back up with my camera. Of course being a true mamarazzi I was completely unfazed by her little tactic and snapped away anyways. She should know I always get my picture one way or another.  Hence the title ..which I need to give props to my daughter for…she helped me with it…she didn’t like my version…which was “Not Sleeping Beauty”…she thought people would take it as she was not a beauty…like anyone would ever look at that face and think that. She suggested that I add the words “still” “a” in front of beauty to clarify….so of course being the good mom I am I obliged.

The LO was really fun to do. I edited the pic in PSE7 and added a dream effect / soft tint to the photo…thought it looked prettier than the original version and it worked better with the papers I chose. As for the papers…I cannot remember who made either but I loved them both. The star and moon paper is way theme-y for me but it worked perfectly for this LO. I got lucky and found some fuzzy pink velvet stars to use as embellishments. The pretty lace border is actually Mrs. Grossman sticker border…I tinted one piece with pigment ink and layered it under another piece. I used the same pigment ink to color the rolled edge of the paper and tint the edges of my Jenni Bowlin journal spots. I made the title with Thickers, tiny alphas from My Little Shoebox and a clear sticker from Colorbok that I mounted on transparency and used itty bitty teeny tiny pop up dots to raise it up over the Thickers. I even busted out my sewing machine for this LO…all 10 tons of it…I love my machine but it’s a total beast and I don’t have a permanent home for it so I have to lug it out when needed. I love the little extra ooomph stitching adds…although sewing around the stars had me using some choice 4 letter words by the time I was done. I even used some ribbon from my stash for this LO…only 8000 yards more to use.  To finish the LO I used some Kaiser beads as accents for the moon and along the border….my kiddos…AKA the “critics” didn’t like the beads on the moon but I decided to ignore them as I often do. Kids…what do they know.

May 25, 2010 at 11:20 pm 3 comments

Good to the last scrap

So Friday night I sat down to play with this really super cute kit my friend Meg sent me as part of the doubles swap I’m doing….

Wasn’t quite sure what to do with it when I first got it…the kit was really great but outside my norm so I was a little stumped. Was a little baffled by the colors and patterns…separately I liked them all…together they were overwhelming me …my brain couldn’t process how to put them together…decided the best course of action was to divide and conquer…I picked my favorite pattern..the yellow one…and the really strong teal cardstock and went from there. Luckily I was able to dig up some old photos of my daughter I hadn’t scrapped that went perfect with the colors.

By the end of the night I had finished one LO…

Busted out the acrylic paint for the title letters so they would work with the LO…which I knew I would have to do when I saw the kit…I never have much luck with those multicolor packs of letters…always one letter in the wrong color and super picky me just can’t have that…matchy matchy is way more my style. Lucky for me one of the papers in the kit was all borders…I heart  borders… so I was able to cut out the fun orange one for this LO.  Had some epoxy dots that I wasn’t sure what to do with but I ended up using a large one for the dot in the title and used the little multicolor ones for fun flower centers.

So after I did this LO I still had tons left from this kit to use so Saturday I decided to see what else I could create…this time I decided to focus on the brown patterned paper, the softer colors and the large chipboard butterfly to make another LO and this is what I came up with…

Again I had to go way back to find photos that worked…luckily both my kids did field trips to the butterfly conservatory when they were younger …decided the colors in my sons pictures worked better for this LO than my daughters. Used my trusty martha stewart butterfly punch to make the really cool butterflies from the brown patterned paper…love how they came out. Spent about an hour playing with the large chipboard butterfly to use as an accent on this LO…totally loved how it came out…but it didn’t work with the LO so I had to try something different…so instead I traced around it onto some of the teal cardstock from LO #1 and handcut the details with my cutterbee knife…which looked much better.  Used more of the borders including a piece of yellow to make the tag and the notebook edge.

So once I finished that LO I still had that really cool chipboard butterfly that I spent all that time on and I really wanted to use it so I decided to make a card…

Isn’t that butterfly cool? Used lots of different inks to get the final effect. As for the card itself…it took forever…card making is so not my forte. Luckily my late night chat buddy Em hooked me up with a link for some cool card sketches and some much needed inspiration. Even though this one was a total PITA to make…being the glutton for punishment that I am I decided to make some more and see how much of the scraps from this kit I could use up…

so I made this card…

Cute right! The little strip of flowers was a scrap from the first LO…glad I kept it ….it was perfect for a card.

Since this card went so well..

I made another…

Totally love how this card came out…the back of one of the papers was actually a soft mint green so I was able to use that a lot for accents…I punched the butterflies out the mint green and then inked them to make them bolder. So pretty.

so since by this time it was only midnight I decided to make another…

This one was a bomb…not happy with it at all…I really wanted to use the velvet paper Meg sent in the kit and I had the hardest time with it and I’m afraid I didn’t really do it justice. Oh some..lose some…

but even after this failure…

I made another….

Fun and simple…played with more of the borders…ran it through my crimper…after I dusted it off that is….haven’t used that thing in ages…but some of those old tools are so fun to play with once and while.

still had more stuff left so

I made another…

Decided to use that bold brown pattern straight up this time…totally love it…painted some more letters for the sentiment and to make them extra fun I stickled the heck out of them.

At this point it was about 1:30 a.m. and I had very slim pickings left but I managed to get one more card done out of the scrap pile… but this one you only get a sneak peak of…I figured out how to make something really cool and I don’t want to share it just yet….I’ll post the rest of it tomorrow…trust me it will be worth the wait.

As for the kit…the scrappy math works out like this…1 kit = 2 LO’s + 7 cards and the only remainders were some random letters, 3 epoxy stickers and a small square of velvet paper. Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

April 11, 2010 at 11:46 pm 4 comments

12 hours of yapping and scrapping

that is what I did Saturday. What an awesome time we had at our crop. Spent the better portion of the first couple hours yapping and trying to scrap and getting ridiculed by my “friends” for still working on the same LO for 4 hours…stop laughing…you can’t rush art. Hmmph! Finally got past the marathon LO and wisked through the next 3 in record time. Yep only took me 9 hours to do 3 more…pretty impressive huh! In my defense part of those 9 hours was spent stuffing my face…don’t worry diet monitors…I behaved…even though my evil “friends” Lori and Jingle brought yummy looking chocolate desserts. I brought salad in an oreo ice cream container and stuffed myself with that…tasted nothing like oreos. 😦  Besides the non-oreo tasting salad, I enjoyed some super yummy turkey chili that my bud Melissa made for lunch and some turkey meatballs for dinner…it was so not a good day to be a turkey. Besides the yapping and scrapping and face stuffing, I got some shopping in…I was finally able to beat my friend Cheryl to all the good stuff. Whenever we shop together she always shows me stuff and then says isn’t this cute…then I say yes… and she says…it’s the last one…it’s quite the evil game…and it’s only really fun for her.

Had some interesting tablemates…my old pal Kerry…or should I say my “young” pal…byatch..the little evil child had fun taunting me about how many years it would be until she was my age…again …I repeat…byatch. Lucky me I got to sit next to her all day. I had to remind her that I may be ever so slightly over the age of 40 but I could still kick her under 30 ass. Oooh Rah! Sitting next to her did have some plusses…the little techy brought her laptop so I got to see SCAL in action…too cool. May have to add that to the “someday I will buy it” list. I also got to sit with the uber creative Jennifer…no not me…the one the only Jingle…that Jennifer…BTW there were 4 Jennifers in a room of 13 people..totally confusing …anyways…back to Mrs. Jingle…this girl has some serious creative skills…she made some super beautiful cards…too bad her mad skills don’t carry over to packing…the girl seriously lacks in that department…although it made for some great entertainment watching her trying to find anything in her bag o’ stuff.  Our other tablemate was my friend Stacy…who apparently came to a crop with 12 other people for a “little alone time”…she built a wall of scrap stuff around her and proceeded to crank out layout after layout…if that weren’t odd enough…she didn’t even SHOP! Gasp. All that pretty stuff and she didn’t buy a thing! Can you believe it …a scrapper who scraps more than she talks or shops…it was like sitting with Big Foot…just hard to believe they exist. All in all we had a great time and a lot of chuckles…mostly totally juvenile and mostly thanks to Kerry’s love of the phrase “that’s what she said”. Good times.

Too bad the time flew by so fast. Already looking forward to the next crop.

As for the 4 layouts I did…I still had to add the journaling when I got home and tweek them a bit hence the reason I’m posting them 2 days later…so without further ado…

March 30, 2010 at 12:33 am 12 comments

I got Krafty last night…

Had to do a monochromatic LO for a scrap-lympics competition I entered and I chose Kraft as my color…I know not the most exciting color.. but hey its a color. I’ve never done a monochromatic layout before and I discovered they are a lot harder to do than I thought they would be…I apparently don’t have tons of stuff in my stash that is monochromatic besides thickers and primas so I didn’t have a lot to work with… I also discovered picking pictures for a monochromatic layout is a chore in itself. I did manage to make a few random colored piles o’stuff  but was stuck on what do with any of it. After much debate..and a nap (yes I took a nap at 7 p.m.)…and a salad for a snack…I was finally able to come up with a plan. Decided to work with the pics I liked best which meant taking a pass on the pretty blues, pinks and greens and using plain old paper bag brown. Turns out I have a ton of kraft paper and had quite a few different patterns so it gave me some options…also realized that raw chipboard is pretty close in color to kraft paper so decided to pull out a bunch of chip chit to use. After a few dabs from my creamy brown cats eye the chip was a perfect match. Luckily the challenge allows for 10% of the layout to be black or white so I was able to pull some flowers and a title together. Got to say though it’s pretty hard to calculate what percentage of a layout a white prima flower is. It took 4 hours start to finish but I finally got it done. Here’s the end result….

March 24, 2010 at 11:14 am 5 comments

Dear Inspiration….

thanks for the fabulous ideas for my latest layouts….but…(and this is where I look the gift horse in the mouth) …could you please come a little earlier than one day before a page call. I would so appreciate it. I bet my boss would too…seeing it’s Monday and all and instead of coming in rested from the weekend…I’m like a zombie…and not one of those fun ones who can dance like in the Thriller video…more like the drooling, gruesome ones from Dawn of the Dead. Thank you.

Seriously…I guess I should be thankful inspiration came at all..I wasn’t even going to bother with this page call ..for layouts about grandparents…there were several calls posted last week and this one was on the bottom of my list. I actually intended to try another one…for a layout using plastic and pen…it sounded like a fun challenge…but after 3 days I had nothing so I decided to pass.  Fast forward to yesterday (can you even do that?) …I’m sitting with my family watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade sucking down a Jello shot and I look over at my step-father and his camera and just like that I get this rush of creative ideas. Not sure if Jello is some sort of brainfood or maybe it was the vodka…or maybe it’s a chemical reaction of both…or maybe it was the fumes from all the green hairspray everyone was wearing…but man the creative juices just started flowing. Of course the downfall of this scrapping brainstorm is I still had about 2 hours of parade left and a dinner to attend after. Add to that the small issue of not even having any pictures yet. So I took out my camera and snapped some pics of him with his and watched the rest of the parade.

As soon as the parade was over I made a beeline to my house to upload pictures and get them ordered. Then it was off to dinner…I was like a kid at church…I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I know bad right. Luckily my son had a ton of homework so we had to leave early anyways…I swear it’s true.

Finally get home with pics in hand (thank goodness for Walgreens) and even as tired as I was from the day I was determined to at least get one of my ideas on paper. Four hours later I finally finished. UGH! Of course now I’m tired and on a scrappy high (a very dangerous combination) so being the glutton for punishment that I am…I gave layout #2 a go. Luckily the scrap gods took pity on me in the wee hours of the morning and I was able to finish the second layout really quickly. Still had to take pics and submit them so that was another hour. By now my eyes are screaming for sleep…I don’t know why …it was only 2 a.m. It was worth it though…got 2 pages done about my mom and step-father that I probably wouldn’t have done so it’s all good and I got them submitted in time. Now I just have to count down the hours until I can go home and take a nap.

March 22, 2010 at 11:38 am 3 comments

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