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A tisket a tasket a lot of wire baskets…

and all my adhesive and stickles in a row. Don’t know why I’m channeling mother goose this morning but hey whatever works right. BTdub…anyone know what a tisket or a tasket is? Just curious. Sorry I digress…back to today’s post…I have another video to share with you today! Yeah!  Once again I am taking you into my haven…my den of creativity…my inner sanctum…I know I should’ve stopped at haven…sanctum just sounds creepy. Anyways…you get a another peek inside my scrapspace and another peek at my OCD in action. I know this is only my 2nd video but I am started to question my wisdom in posting proof in video form that I am indeed a little over the edge with the organizing…I mean this just might be my paranoia talking but what if my family uses these seemingly innocuous videos to have me committed…I mean seriously these videos are pretty damning proof I have issues. What if the next time I tell my son he is grounded he threatens to call the men in white and show them my “illness” that I have posted for all to see on youtube and they come and take me away…or worse yet they come and take away my binders and baskets and bins…OH MY! Well it could happen. You never know. I guess that’s just something I’ll have to risk in order to share with all you my faithful followers of all things scrappy and organized my bits of organizing wisdom. I just hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I’m making.  Now without any further delusional rambling… for your viewing pleasure…my latest video…enjoy!

I hope you liked it…oh and since I know someone is going to ask these questions I will preemptively answer…

Did you know you said craproom?….Yes I know I said craproom instead of scraproom…must have been a freudian slip

Why do you sound out of breath?….Well you see Robert Downey Jr.  and George Clooney were over earlier and…….

Can you tell me more about the wall on the wall behind the wall?…Well even though I made it perfectly clear in the video, I will clarify for you…The “wall” my baskets are hung from is actually a piece of luan (really nice plywood) that is mounted to a wood frame that is screwed into the sheet rock on the actuall wall…we used the space between the luan and the sheet rock to run the wires for the lighting.  Make more sense now?

I think that covers all the biggies…if you have anything else pertinent you want to ask, just leave your question in the comments section and I will answer whatever I can. Feel free to leave comments (nice ones please) as well…they are always appreciated.

Today’s blog post has been brought to you by some crazy lady who is obviously in need of meds, by mother goose and by the letter B (B is for binder, basket and bin) and by the words tisket, tasket and sanctum.

June 4, 2010 at 10:53 am 6 comments

Die Cut Storage

So most people who know me know I am a bit obsessed with organizing….and by a bit I actually mean totally obsessed and by totally I mean I keep Rubbermaid in business. I just love things to be nice and orderly. I honestly enjoy spending hours sitting and sorting through  piles and piles of stuff just so I can put it all away nice and neat after. I know it’s sick right..but hey we all have our little obsessions…mine just happens to involve alot of plastic bins and ziploc bags. Not only do I love to organize but I really love to find new and clever and inexpensive ways to organize and I really really really love to share all my fab ideas with whom ever will listen. So with that in mind  I have decided to share my vast love and knowledge of all things scrap-organization with you all my faithful blog readers…after all I get asked about it all the time (well I only got asked 2 times and one question was from my hubby and he only wanted to know when I was going to stop re-organizing) but hey there was one person who really did want to know…so for her…and anyone else who cares…I made another video. WooHoo! I heart my Bloggie! Actually this video is going to be the 1st in a series of videos about how I store and organize all my scrap crap…in other words it’s a tribute to my OCD! I hope you enjoy! Here’s video #1 …How I Store My Die Cuts…prepare to be wowed and amazed!

Don’t forget if you have any questions leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you!

***Just read a great tip from Christy (emeraldvalkyrie on ClubCK) and I had to share…if you have die cuts that match a paper collection you have, put your die cuts on the magnetic sheet and then instead of putting it in a binder, put the sheet in with your paper so it’s all together…great tip right…thanks Christy for sharing!

May 26, 2010 at 9:19 pm 11 comments

Fabulous Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone! So stoked its almost the weekend…looking forward to spending tonight and tomorrow scrapping away…hope by Sunday I’ll have tons of mah-va-lus creations to share but for today I decided to share some other designers brilliant work and tips…

The oh so talented Cindy Tobey used a popular technique for making flowers to create this super adorable bird’s nest …such a super stinking cute idea…love it.

Spent some time surfing the 2peas gallery and found some really awesome projects like this fabulous birthday card by pinkflamingo25…makes me want to bust out the primas and get busy. Check out this amazing layout by Kansas021…caught my eye right away…totally fun and full of energy….I love layouts that convey the theme without being theme-y…kwim? …I totally get the fun carnival vibe from all the all the fun paper accents she used but it’s not overly theme-y or cheesy.

Not to be outdone by the gals on 2peas…I found some amazing creations in the CK Gallery as well…check out the super cute paper pierced birdie the uber talented carkareokequeen (Beth) made and I love the heart stitching…going to have to find out how she did that…love it! And speaking of super cute paper piecings….you just gotta to love that create a critter cart from Cricut…lovetoteach23 (Susan) posted a few samples her kids made…so cute! Oh and I so have to find me some these amazing corrugated letters on this cute layout by buffyfan (Jen)…guessing they are from AC but I have no clue…anyone want to link me up and do a little enabling here. Also on CK I found this super helpful tip from Amanda for getting your ribbon on straight…you can check it out on her blog.

Tons more caught my eye but I eventually have to do some work today so that will all for today…have a great Friday everyone!

April 23, 2010 at 11:03 am 1 comment

This is…

more than a just a picture of a crappy water heater…

This is a vivid reminder to me why taking pictures and recording memories are so important.

See this is a picture of my mom and dad’s water heater…the same water heater that this past Sunday broke and flooded their cellar…causing my mom to call me, my brother and sister and beg for help….we in turn grabbed our children…and off to mom’s we went. There I found my 2 oldest nieces decked out in funky rain boots doing a bucket brigade while we ran around trying to find the main water shut off. During the next four hours my sister and I bickered as we usually do about what to do first and how to do it best…my brother put in his headphones in order to drown out me and my sister…we scolded my dad for wanting to keep a soaking wet vcr that was in need of repairs and he had kept for 10 years…and we vacuumed what seemed like endless amounts of water and hauled nasty wet stuff out to the yard…not exactly a fun day. But we were all together…and as we often do…we managed to find the lighter side of the situation…there was lots of work…but plenty of smiles and laughs. Once most of the chaos was under control I asked my dad to get his camera….and of course a few eyes rolled…but I told him that even disasters deserved to be documented.

Two days later on Tuesday April 13th my dad suddenly collapsed and died almost instantly…he was only 61.

Since that day I have cried more than I can ever remember crying before. As you can imagine my whole family was devastated.

But during this unbearable time of grief this picture of this crappy water heater has brought me some comfort….Tuesday after we learned of his death, we all went back to my mom’s where we sat and talked and consoled one another …at some point my sister said that this water heater was a blessing…it brought us all together unexpectedly for one last time…after she said it out loud more than one of us acknowledged that this thought had occurred to us as well…and as we sat there and tried to cope that day…I realized how special this picture was…I realized that this simple image of a rotted old water heater was now one of my most prized photos and that this one picture would tell a very important story…I knew then that this photo was as precious to me as baby pictures of my children or the last photos I had of my grandmother. Someday when the time is right and I can bear it…I will record this memory like I have so many others and I will treasure it.

So the next time someone asks you why you scrap…tell them it’s memories like these…simple moments in our lives that become memories we will have to treasure forever.

April 16, 2010 at 12:22 am 31 comments

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