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Long time, no posts…

So umm yeah it’s been a while since I posted last…to be super specific it’s been 12,506, 760 seconds since I posted last…talk about a long time. And for those of you rushing off to grab your calculators I will save you the trip and tell you that 12,506,760 seconds is 144 days 18 hours and 6 minutes….or about 5 months!!! Yikes!! I’ve got all sorts of excuses to throw at ya as to why I’ve been absent….I was busy at Christmas, I have been watching way to much Big Bang Theory, I have been busy couponing, I have been busy with the kids, etc. etc. etc… I could go on and on but the biggest reason I haven’t posted is cause I haven’t really had much to post about. I haven’t really scrapped much in the past 5 months. I did get a couple day long crops in with my buddy Tina and an occasional night in with my other scrap buddy Jenny but for the most part I haven’t done squat. Just wasn’t into it anymore. The few times I went into my scraproom to do anything I only lasted about 15 minutes before getting back up and going to do something else. The only time I did manage to get anything done was just before Christmas..I made a recipe book for my niece…and I only did that because I had to cause it was a gift…although I have to say it came out awesome and I was totally obsessed with it..but after it was done I had no desire to scrap again. I guess I was just in a slump…a huge mega long ridiculous slump.

Well good news peeps…the slump is over…actually not only is it over but I am back with a vengance! Seriously I have been doing something scrap related for like 2 weeks straight. It’s crazy…it’s like I can’t stop now that I’ve started again. It all started 2 weeks ago when I finally got together to scrap all day with my buddy Tina…we hadn’t scrapped together in months so it was really good to get together…well good except for the packing…always hate the packing. Anyways we scrapped from 10 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and I got 4 layouts done!! And while I know 4 layouts is not a big number to be super impressed  with what was so awesome about our little crop was how the moojo was just flowing…seriously it was just oozing .. OK that sounds a little gross..but you get the picture. Anyways since then I have been a scrapping fool…I scrapped the next day…a couple times during the week…and then skype scrapped with Tina the following Saturday. I even brought some layouts to work so I could work on the journaling during lunch. And this week I finished a few layouts and worked on a ton of scrappy chores. I mean a ton.

For some reason even though I haven’t scrapped in ages my scraproom was trashed!! I had tons of stuff to put away including all the paper I bought last year…all 8 inches of it…yep I’m a paperholic!!! So that took 2 nights of steady work sorting it all and putting it all away. After I got all that done I moved on to going through my scraps…that was another night of non-stop work. Got them all sorted and put away and even started a super fun project with them all….will share that later 😉 Anyways today was spent doing more scrappy chores…I took pics of the layouts I finished and uploaded them and then spent most of the day putting all the layouts I got done in albums…again it’s odd how I rarely scrapped in the last 5 months but I had a huge stack of layouts to go though. It took all day to put them in the right albums…probably would’ve gone faster but naturally after I got most of them in I realized I missed one …ugggh! I finally finished a little while ago and proceeded to clean my entire desk off. Thinkin that is definitely enough chores for today. Unfortunately I still have more to do tomorrow…I have to fix a couple old layouts, put away a huge box of random embellishments from all the layouts I’ve done and backup all my photos….oh and post about my fun scrap project. That should keep me pretty busy tomorrow.

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3 stores 3 days…what I bought

so wanna hear all about the goodies I got this weekend? of course you do! I bet you can’t guess what I bought the most of? If you guessed paper then you know me very well LOL! Seems no matter how much I have I always want more! As for the rest of what I bought…here’s a store by store breakdown…

Store #1…Life’s Memories and More in Palmer…I got more Undu (love that stuff…even talked my friend Tina into buying her 1st bottle)…also got 5 packs of thickers (my 2nd love), little yellow bicycle 6×6 decorative edge cardstock, magic mesh, jenni bowlin journaling cards, 9 pieces of paper, 2 cats eyes and a versamark ink. A really good haul!

Store #2….Ink, Paper, Scissors in Sturbridge…3 more packs of thickers (dear lizzy fantastic white and wine and delight in black), luxe labels, crate paper emma’s shop phrases, jilli bean blossom journaling sprouts, little yellow bicycle corrugated shapes, a page kit and 34 sheets of paper!!!

Store # 3 … absolutely everything in topsfield…I got 5 glimmer mist (on clearance!!!) glitz hoopla rubons, cosmo cricket odds and ends labels, october afternoon 5 & dime chip n stick (so cute), studio calico elementary labels and lots more paper (18 sheets) plus a little something special for a gift for someone.

Was very excited to get home on Sunday night and go through it all especially all that pretty paper…I got a total of 61 sheets! Got quite a variety too…papers from american crafts, basic grey, bobunny, cosmo cricket, crate paper, creative imaginations, dream street, flair, gcd, glitz, graphic 45, jillibean soup, kaisercraft, karen foster, little yellow bicycle, luxe, october afternoon, paper loft, pebbles, pink paislee, scenic route, studio calico, sassafrass lass! Wheew…what a list! Hopefully all of it will tie me over for a while because my wallet needs some serious time to recover!

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This layout is a do-over. I don’t do a lot of do-overs but occassionally I do a layout and it just bugs me like something ain’t right and then I feel compelled to rip it apart. This was one of those layouts that bugged me. This was one of four layouts I did at the crop I went to on the 11th….actually it was the first one I did and it went rather quickly. That should’ve been my first clue something was wrong. I never do quick layouts. I have to move stuff around over and over for hours before I call a layout done. Just how I roll. Anyways…this layout…it was one of the kits I’ve been toting around since May and I have totally not been inspired one iota when I’ve tried to work on it before but it just so happens that at the crop I picked out some new paper at the store before I started to crop (surprise right…i bought more paper) anyways I found this paper I really liked and put it in my pile o’stuff to buy. Then I sat down to crop and took this kit out and realized that one of the papers I picked out would be perfect for this layout…the colors were fab and it had just the right “feel” KWIM? So going with the new paper I did the layout. Cut, glued and voila! Done. Or almost done. I still had to add my journaling which I always do at home. Anyways I put the layout away. 2 nights later I pull out the layout to journal and ick. I mean major ick. I’m looking at it going really…this is ick. So I look at it for a while trying to decide what’s wrong with it and I realize that its just boring. I wish I had taken a before pic to show you but I didn’t so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was icky boring. I had the photo in the same place but right next to it I had the paper I liked so it was one linear block across the layout… another clue that this layout was wrong…I don’t really do linear. So anyways…i have photo and paper across the middle and this big punched border all the way across the bottom of the block. In the top left corner I had 3 strips of stickers with 3 tiny heart accents. On top of the patterned paper I had my title…happiness together…the “happiness” was the same font as the “together”. Boring. Right under the title I had the rick rack border and the round chip embellishment is pretty much where it is now. I tried to tweek it without taking it apart by adding buttons and such but nothing seemed to work. So I decided to just basically gut the layout. I took off the patterned paper I had loved so much and replaced it with some journal paper which I like so much better because it looked more fun. I then replaced the “happiness” sticker in the title with “happy” in another font which was WAY better…mixed fonts are so much more fun. Then I used the colors in the patterned paper I liked so much to find other papers to use for the strips. Was very happy with the strips…love the movement and again just way more fun than one solid block of paper. Lastly I moved the sticker strips and added some staples and buttons and that cute die-cut heart. SO much better.  Hated having to do a re-do but it was worth it. At least now when I look at it I won’t go “ick” anymore.

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Mostly wordless…

I always have a lot to say..always. No matter what the subject is I usually have a lot to say about it. It’s my thing…I babble. It’s just part of who I am…I spew words…lots and lots of words. So being that I am a big fan of the babble it should surprise noone that I journal on all my layouts. I feel compelled to. I have to tell who’s doing what and why and what I thought and what they thought, etc., etc., etc. After all I scrapbook so I can tell a story and I can’t tell the story if I don’t tell the story…right? So considering all that it is really unusual for me not to journal on a layout….even more unusual for me to do two layouts in a row that are sans words…but that is just what I did..back to back wordless layouts. They aren’t completely wordless…..I did add a title…and of course a date..and on one I did write 4 words saying when it was…but that was it. No she did this, he did that, she liked this but I didn’t…blah..blah….blah. I guess I figured the photos in these layouts were much pretty much self explanatory…not much need for me to elaborate. Gotta say it’s really bizarre for me to look at these layouts and call them done without a litany of words…but done they are. So without further babbling…here’s my mostly wordless layouts…

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I am lousy at smooching…

Smooching with smooch spray that is. The other kind of smooching I am pretty good at…at least hubby thinks so ;). But the with the spray kind…not so much. I had the darndest time using that little bottle last night. Maybe it was in part because I was already majorly aggravated that I couldn’t find the little bottles in the first place. And when I finally did find the spray..the  smooching just went horribly wrong. Like I said at first I couldn’t find it…I went to the rack where my glimmer mist and smooch spray co-exist and all the glimmer was accounted for but the 2 bottles of  smooch I own were AWOL…which is so wierd…I couldn’t remember using them and it’s not the type of thing I pack for crops. And as you know I live by the mantra “a place for everything and everything in its place” the fact they weren’t in their place was just majorly disturbing. I mean the whole place for everything thing is for one very good reason…I have a memory like a seive…I would seriously forget my name if someone didn’t call me by it once a day. So if something ain’t where it ought to be that’s an issue…that means I have to rely on my noggin to deduce where it could be and that so ain’t good. I tried real hard to remember the last project I used either of them on and it was a while ago and I only used the one. So why were they both missing. I definitely don’t remember using them up and I was pretty certain I hadn’t. So I did the whole search and rummage thing and came up empty handed. Bummer. Now since none of the colors of glimmer were going to work and I was now smoochless I had to move onto another layout. So as I’m working on this other layout I reach behind me to grab a paper pack out of my basket and I feel something that is not paper. I couldn’t see what it was but it was small and glass so I am super excited and just hoping  it was the missing smooches and it was! I have no idea how they ended up where they were…maybe they were trying to make a break for it …I don’t know…I was just glad to have located the little buggers. So now that the smooches have been located I can go back to working on my layout. With smooch in hand I am all excited because I have this vision in my head of what I want the layout to look like and how I want the spray to look  and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Of course I want it to be awesome so I do all the necessary pre-smooching prep…I begin by masking off the areas I don’t want spray on and then I figure out the best angle and distance to hold my paper to get the look I want…then lastly I do a test spray to make sure the smooch is working right. All good. Feeling confident…done what needs to be done…I go for it…SMOOOOCH! AARGGGH! One spray is all I did and it was a disaster. Apparently the nozzle wasn’t pointed where I thought it was so instead of spraying downward to the right…it sprayed upward to the left. GRRRR! Stamping my feet hissy fit GRRRRR! No idea how the heck that happened. But I have my guesses…see unlike my bottles of glimmer mist which have this wonderful little curve on top of the button so you know your finger is resting right…my smooch doesn’t. 😦 So I have to put my finger on the pump button and actually look to see if I have the nozzle facing forward. Which I did…but I guess I didn’t. 😦 Somehow without knowing it I either shifted my finger or the button turned or both. Another factor could be that smooch bottles are super small and sleek….which makes them super cute to look at but not so easy for my big man hands to handle….they just don’tt sit right in my hand and it always feels awkward. On top of that the smooch has a plastic label on it…it’s not a sticker though…it’s a sleeve…and because it’s a plastic sleeve and the bottle is glass the sleeve actually slides around actually making it more difficult to handle than it already was. After the first botched attempt I ditched the label. So if you add all these factors together it basically equals a smooching disaster…like locking braces when locking lips kindof smooching disaster. The wrong way smooch looked totally nasty so it basically wrecked the layout…Phooey. So tonight’s project will be a re-do. So like a gawky teen after their first real smooch  I’m hoping the 2nd smooch is going to be way better cause I was so not impressed.

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The saga of a well traveled bag full of good intentions…

So way back in the spring I planned a crop. Way back in the spring I made 40 kits for the crop. Way back in the spring I packed my crop bag full of paper and embellishments and tools for the crop. Way back in the spring I went to the crop. Way back in the spring I did a couple LO’s. Way back in the spring I decided to leave my bag packed so I could crop each weekend of the summer while basking in the beautiful Vermont sunshine. Way back in the spring that sounded like a good idea because way back in spring I had high hopes and good intentions. Well it ain’t spring no more. Fall is just around the corner and the dog days of summer are quickly coming to an end and here sits my bag…still packed. I wish I could say that since the spring I lugged this bag to Vermont every weekend and scrapped kit after kit but the only truth to that statement would be the lugging part. Because I did lug this bag. Over and over again. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth over the state line to Vermont. Every weekend. 15 weekends. 30 times crossing the state line. It is a well traveled bag. Unfortunately with the exception of a few of those 15 weekends it was mostly an untouched bag. A fact that my two wonderful (read: smartass) children took great delight in busting me on pretty much every weekend. The oldest one especially found my constant heaving and hoing (hoeing?) to be a gargantuan waste of time. More than once he said with a twisted smile …”are you actually going to use this stuff this weekend”  For some reason they couldn’t see the logic in lugging 70 pounds of paper and other scrap supplies an hour away from home every weekend only to have it sit untouched. Apparently  they could not appreciate all the good intentions, high hopes and grand plans that came with that bag. They couldn’t understand that if by some miracle I became suddenly inspired and wanted to act on my good intentions then I needed to be prepared right? If Mr. Moojo came a knocking on my trailer door it would’ve been tragic to say I had nothing to scrap with. Right?  So I lugged it and lugged it some more. And luckily I did.  In May I had a minor burst of inspiration and a desire to make some cards …boy was it a good thing I had my bag. In June my friend came to visit and we spent some time cropping…dang good thing I had my bag. And just 2 weeks ago I got a visit from Mr. Moojo and you guessed it…it was a good thing I had my bag. If I hadn’t lugged it back and forth all those times I would’ve missed out on 3  very good days of scrapping. Now to my son 3 times out of 15 is not a lot… as Mr. Smartypants would point out that’s a mere 20 percent. But Mr. Smartypants isn’t a scrapper. So he doesn’t get that even though 20 percent would not make good odds in Vegas,  in the scrapping world 20 percent is pretty darn good. Right? I mean really if your a scrapper you know you have way more plans for your stuff than you have time, ambition or Moojo for…right? So what if my bag got some extra mileage on it….it was worth it. It’s a few kits lighter than it was in the spring and it’s still chock full of all those good intentions and grand plans. Besides if I hadn’t left my bag packed all summer long I would’ve had to actually pack again this weekend when I went to a crop with my friends. Instead all I had to pack was some chocolate and some diet cokes and I was good to go. So that same bag that I lugged north all summer got lugged west. And believe it or not I actually used it. So that makes 4 out of 16 trips.  Even without Mr. Smartypants help I know that’s 25 percent. My odds are improving! Now that it’s September I’m thinking maybe I should unpack it finally but there are still a few camping weekends left…and I still have all those good intentions and grand plans. Hopefully I get to use it a few more times….maybe I will…maybe I won’t…maybe I’ll get more done if I just stop lugging the kids back and forth.

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A month in review

so OMG shame on me ….slap my hand and put me in a corner…. it has been over a month since I posted!!!!  Seriously I can’t believe I neglected the blogosphere for that long. At least I have some straight up legit excuses …and no they have nothing to do with a dog…unless you count the dog days of summer. Even though summer is here life is still full tilt crazy…. dishes and laundry, grocery shopping,  working, playing taxi for the kids, helping my mom get her house ready to sell and in general all sorts of daily craziness. Nothing even remotely fun. Weekends thankfully are much more laid back but devoted to family time and since I can’t convince the hubby and kids that scrapping is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon there hasn’t been a whole lot of scrapping on weekends either. My other excuse for my general lack of scrappiness and my extended absence is again summer related…this time its the weather to blame…yes I am putting the blame squarely on mother nature’s shoulders…her and her darn heat waves. We’ve had some pretty nasty hot humid days and even some almost unbearable sweltering sticky days that made even the slightest movements cause for another shower…UGH! And since I lack that oh so glorious invention known as central air, what little time I have managed to eke out for myself has been spent plopped in front of whatever electrical gadget in my house is throwing the most cool air and staring at my other favorite electrical device lately…the TV. I usually hate watching TV but when the thermostat in your house says it is 95 in your living room at 9:30 at night…the TV is pretty darn good.

All in all the last 30 days haven’t been as scrappy as I would’ve liked but I keep trying and I have accomplished a few things lately…not a lot but hey at least it’s something…here’s a breakdown of what little I was able to do……..

I got to scrap a couple hours with a friend one weekend and actually got 3 layouts done…but…I haven’t done the journaling yet or taking pics to post.

I did take a video of my messy scraproom to share with you…but…haven’t had the time to upload and post it.

Took another video after that of some really awesome goodies I just got from Frugalities …but…I haven’t uploaded that one either.

I did get my scraproom cleaned on Sunday (it was a cool 80 degrees)…but…I haven’t shot the after video yet showing how clean it is.

I did join in Club CK’s summer camp which started yesterday…but…I am already a day behind because I had no time to scrap and I am already having serious doubts about getting any of the assignments done.

I made a bunch of notes with ideas for blog posts and some videos…but…until I have some serious free time, you probably won’t see them anytime soon.

Bummer right.

Oh well what can I do…guess I will just have to keep hoping to win the lottery so I can quit my job and hire that maid I’ve always wanted. Until then…I guess the scrapping will be a little sparse and the blog content a little thin. If I can appease the kids with something quick for dinner tonight I should be able to get one of the videos up tonight…at least thats the plan…keep your fingers crossed for me.

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