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It’s a camera conspiracy!

Got my new camera last night…on the drive home from the store my son decided to be helpful and open the box and put the battery in and check it out…the battery had no juice ..bummer…would have to charge it before I could play…so I told him as soon as we get home to charge it. So as soon as we walked in the door he hooked up the little cable and there it sat…charging…or so I thought. It supposedly takes 5 hours to give the battery a full charge…so of course when I got in tonight I was expecting it to be all charged as it had been hooked up for over 14 hours. So I’m all set to grab the camera and head out the door to my sons track meet only my new wonderful little camera wasn’t turning on. Grrr! Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t charged and I didn’t have time to fiddle with it. My son figured it hadn’t charged because I had turned off the computer last night when I went to bed and it was off for the whole day. I knew that wasn’t it but had no time to argue the point. So I grabbed my other camera….and headed out the door. Get to the track meet and my daughter goes to turn the camera on and nothing…I look at it and realize I left the battery at home on the charger…seriously…ugh! So if your keeping track…that’s video cameras..2…aggravated mom…0. So I didn’t get to video tape the track meet…and of course he ran his best race ever and it was a super exciting race…he came from dead last to finish 3rd. GRRRR! Luckily I got some stills with my DSLR…although I missed the shot of him at the finish line because when I went to lift up the camera the sleeve of my brand new sweater was stuck on the fence…GRRRRRRRR! So the meet is done and we head home and I go to see if the new camera is charged and to double check the battery for the old camera is where I thought it was and not laying on the ground somewhere. Good news is the battery was on the charger…bad news is the new camera still has a flashing light and still won’t turn on. So I read the directions and it’s hooked up right. So I switch USB ports…still the light flashes. According to the directions it should be a solid orange while charging and no light when done…totally baffled why the light was flashing as there is not a thing in the directions about flashing lights. So I finally decided to take out the battery…and guess what…the genius son of mine…the one that is a straight A student…had put the battery in the wrong way! GRRRRRR! So all that time “charging” for nothing. So of course I put it in the right way and then immediately slapped him upside the head. Now my new camera turns on…Hooray! Score one for me. Now hopefully my camera issues are over and I will finally get to use my new camera sometime soon….or there will be more slapping.

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